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    Microsoft Surface Mini DisplayPort to HDMI 2.0 Adapter

    Is this new at Microsoft Store: Surface Mini DisplayPort to HDMI 2.0 Adapter Sorry I've been out of the loop, when did Microsoft replace their previous Microsoft Surface Mini DisplayPort To HDMI Adapter (Amazon link) with a 4K@60 version? I'd previously bought from Amazon: Plugable Club 3D...
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    When's the next set of Surface firmware updates?

    Microsoft Surface Book update history | Surface firmware updates Looks like there hasn't been any SB (or SP4) firmware updates since February 2016 (whereas previously there have been consistent updates every month since October 2015). Will we likely see updates by end of March or early April...
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    Share to Email Charms missing Cc/Bcc?

    I could've sworn that when invoking the right-hand Charms to Share via Email previously, that you were able to use the Cc and Bcc fields in addition to the To field. But now all I see is the To field. Did I just remember this wrong?
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    Mystery Micro USB cable for the SP2?

    The other day I found a Micro USB cable around the house that obviously looks like it was made for our SP2's. Same design/finish, and with the angled cut on the USB plug to match the SP2's slanted size bezel. See the top cable in this picture: It's great when using the SP2 to charge our...
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    Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter - F6U-00011 vs F6U-00001 ?

    What's the difference between F6U-00001 vs F6U-00011? Both are Microsoft's Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter (the former came out with the original Surface Pro while the latter came out with the SP2). Are they in fact identical, even in color/appearance? I'd bought a couple but need more...
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    Boot from USB?

    I couldn't seem to boot the SP2 from a USB disc drive. I tried both methods here. I tried three Samsung USB drives: DVD tray, DVD slot, and Blu-ray tray (since my Apple USB SuperDrive only works with Mac hardware). I was trying with a WinPE-based ShadowProtect 5 boot CD from StorageCraft, in...
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    Advice for external monitor (match resolution or match ppi)?

    For an older family member who just wants to see things bigger, which tactic is better: 1) External 1920x1080 monitor to match the SP2 display res 2) External super-high-res monitor that gets closer to the SP2 display's 208 ppi pixel density I'm thinking in terms of display mirroring...
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    Mickey Mouse ears Thoughts?
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    Microsoft Complete extended warranty expiration?

    So I called the Microsoft tech support line for the first time today, basically to exchange my SP2 that has had hardware niggles and increasing system problems over the months (since Oct/Nov last year). Since I have Complete, I was OK with putting up with the issues for now. But yesterday's...
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    Recommended switch procedure before exchanging your Surface?

    I understand that we should reset our old SP2 to factory default before exchanging for replacement (PC Settings -> Update and recovery -> Recovery -> Remove everything and reinstall Windows). My old SP2 has up-to-date hard drive backup imaging, but this time I've decided to just re-install my...

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