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    Trash it or repair?

    I have a Surface Pro 4 i7 16gb/256gb with the flicker screen problem. It had been very intermittent, but became constant a couple months AFTER MS ended it's return/swap program. So now I'm faced with the decision of do I trash it, or spend a couple hundred $ and put in a new screen. Though it's...
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    Solved Windows Hello not working on SFP4

    I only noticed after the most recent update, but not sure that is what did it. I've followed some fixes like removing/reinstalling the Hello driver and the IR front camera driver, but that has not solved the problem. When I go tho the sign-in options I see the message "Windows Hello is...
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    I detest the Onscreen Keyboard. What am I doing wrong?

    I detest the Onscreen Keyboard on my SP4 since the day I got it. I am accustomed to the excellent SwiftKey keyboard on my phone, so perhaps am I doing something wrong with the Surface. I find the Surface's handling of misspelling, predictive text, and suggestions is mindbogglingly awful...
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    Surface4 cannot connect to Starbucks Wi-fi

    I have not used my surface on many unknown Wi-Fi networks. However, I have not had a problem wherever I did. Today I tried logging in to Starbucks Wi-Fi and got "no internet connection." I spent an hour on the phone sitting in Sbux talking to their Google-Sbux Wi-Fi tech support to no avail. I...
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    Just got my i7 Surface. --Questions/problems

    Just got my i7 surface today. There have been a few annoying glitches. I'm hoping it's just my ignorance and I'll sort them out. Here is what has happened so far: 1. After using the unit for 30 minutes I put it to sleep and then it would not wake. Had to use another machine to figure out how to...

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