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    Surface 3 hang in docking station

    Hi folks. Love my Surface 3, it performs well enough for my needs. I purchased the Microsoft Docking Station about 2 months ago and it's been working fine until about 2 weeks ago. If I leave the Surface powered on in the docking station overnight, at some point, the Surface hangs, or freezes...
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    S3 Pointer Speed

    Hi folks. I just purchased the Microsoft docking station for my Surface 3 (128gb, 4gb ram). I'm using a Logitech M510 mouse with the docking station with the pointer speed set to it's fastest setting and the "Enhance Pointer Precision" option turned on. In this setup the pointer is somewhat slow...
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    Kensington SD4000 Docking Station

    Anyone using the Kensington SD4000 docking station with their Surface? Or any non Microsoft docking station for that matter? I'm looking at the Kensington because of it's smaller footprint (I have limited desk space) and would like to know what folks are using other than the Microsoft Docking...
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    Garmin Basecamp

    Hello everyone. Just ordered a Surface 3 (Atom) and looking forward to receiving it. That being said, I was wondering if anyone here is using the Garmin Basecamp mapping program with their Surface? If so, any insights on how it works with the Surface 3, or Surface 3 Pro?
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    Hey folks. Just placed an order for a Surface 3. I expect it's going to handle the very few things I need it to do in replacing my current notebook laptop and LG Gpad tablet. Looking forward to reading up on, and participating in, the forums to take full advantage of this new device. Hope to...

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