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    Solved SP3 killing the internet at home

    This pretty clearly looks to be a proxy configuration problem and, specifically, it's a browser proxy configuration problem. In order to reach your company email, I'm guessing your support guy changed the proxy settings on your SP3's browsers so you could access your company email. He might...
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    Sketchable now has layers and lots of new enhancements!

    The category for Sketchable is Entertainment, but Fresh Paint is also in that category and it does appear in the Digital Artist collection. IMO, it's more important for an app to appear in a collection than it is to be categorized with a keyword. The collections appear to be curated selections...
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    Sketchable now has layers and lots of new enhancements!

    A new release of this app includes layers, and a whole bunch of new features. Check it out - this app really shines because it uses GPU acceleration and it's so snappy. I'm not affiliated with Silicon Benders, btw - just spamming here and the other Surface hangouts cause this is a really cool...
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    handwriting recognition in onenote

    This recognition only works in OneNote 2013 (desktop version) and not in the Modern (reduced feature set) OneNote (which I'm guessing is what you're using). You can get that for free here. There are only a few differences between the free version of OneNote and the once that comes with Office...
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    Solved Surface Pro 3 stabilizer - SAI style

    I've just tried Lazy Nezumi on my SP3 with SkethBook Pro and Mischief and I have to say that it doesn't really work that well for me. It's kind of glitchy in that some strokes don't seem to register when it's on and, the main thing I'm after, the smoothing of the jitter is not all that great...
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    Quirky problems: touch calibration, battery

    Regarding the battery, if you're using Chrome, it's likely the main reason for poor battery life. They've addressed this issue to some degree in the latest version, but I think it still uses more juice than the other browsers.
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    Sick of fingerprints!! Solution?

    You could use pen flicks for scrolling if you enable them.
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    any way to have resolution presets?

    The Intel HD Graphics control panel (this is available if you install the video drivers directly from the Intel site) allows you to create profiles which can be triggered by specific applications.
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    Drawings that you have done with your surface

    Try uninstalling and re-installing Fresh Paint. Before doing that, I found that I had to press way too hard, but this procedure seemed to fix the pressure response to a good degree. Someone else mentioned doing this and I thought I'd try it too.
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    Disappearing Icons in Metro OneNote

    I've also had this happen a couple of times. Not sure what the cause was, though.
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    Surface Pro 3 - Printing Screen Clipping from OneNote

    These kinds of settings are dependent on the printer you are printing to. On my system, when printing from OneNote 2013, I have a "Preferences" button in the print dialog box. Going inside to set preferences, I see an option to select print quality (Custom/Fast/Standard/High). The custom option...
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    Surface Pro 3 - Printing Screen Clipping from OneNote

    I would look at your printer settings (in the print dialog) for any image quality related options. Could be that OneNote by default doesn't print bitmaps with the same kind of settings as Snagit.
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    Time for an N-trig software update - make yourself heard!

    Current hardware limitations notwithstanding, this thread was meant to stir up some support for getting some fixes soon for the N-trig hardware we have in the Surface Pro 3. This shouldn't stop anyone from starting additional threads with feature requests for nextgen Microsoft/N-trig hardware...
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    Time for an N-trig software update - make yourself heard!

    I think the Surface Pro 3 could be great for most artists and is already very good for a significant number if their drawing style involves quick strokes where jitter is not very apparent. Of course it is possible jitter at slow drawing speeds might be inherent in N-trig's technology. I remember...
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    Solved Sp3 Pressure Fix - And my thoughts/fixes so far

    I'm curious what you think of Sketchable in terms of pressure and overall responsiveness. I ended up buying this app as well (also bought ArtRage) and find that that it's one of most fluid apps out there, though more limited in scope. The company said that layer support should arrive any day...
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    Just got mine: help with PDF and pen

    It's not clear if you're asking for a viewer for this format or a convertor to other ebook formats. If you're looking for a viewer, Windows should come with one. If you want to convert (it also has a CHM viewer according to the docs, but you're probably better off with a specific viewer for that...
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    Time for an N-trig software update - make yourself heard!

    Well, Autodesk might have some spare change given they have a stake in pen enabled tablets through their SketchBook line of products - or maybe with Service Pack 4 of SketchBook they'll move to the Ink API.
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    I can't hide anymore the keyboard icon

    Maybe it appears because you've installed multiple languages/keyboards. The on-screen keyboard also lets you switch between languages for the keyboard. There's an icon for doing that on the bottom right of the keyboard.
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    Time for an N-trig software update - make yourself heard!

    They will move, I'm sure. For now, though, the WinTab driver is needed for some apps and, if it is supposed to work, it should work properly.
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    Time for an N-trig software update - make yourself heard!

    Posted this on Reddit already - re-posting here in order to get as many people as possible involved. I think it's been quite a while since we've had any updates to the N-trig digitizer software - both to the regular driver and the WinTab driver. With the regular driver, we get jitter when...

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