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    Anyway to turn off Intel's POS Display Power Saving Technology?

    I used to be able to manually install Intel's Graphics drivers and get the Intel Control Panel back to turn it off. But since the June patch, I am not able to do that anymore. I am talking about the "feature" where when you are viewing a dark screen, the screen automatically dims. You can see...
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    For those who updated to 8.1u1, is the double tap drag getting CONSTANTLY misread?

    So if you updated to the leaked 8.1 update 1 that brings back double-tap to drag, is it constantly getting detected even though you didn't mean to double tap drag? Just open a folder with a bunch of files in it and then try and single-tap on them one at a time. It seems like MSFT needs to reduce...
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    Two finger scrolling stopped working on Chrome. Driving me crazy.

    So two finger scrolling has always worked for me even after the latest Chrome 32 update with all the updated touch stuff. Then I reformatted my SP2 and now it won't work. Don't tell me to use IE. I have addons that I use daily that are not available on IE and I can visually see IE loading pages...

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