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    Microsoft to issue Surface firmware updates to address Meltdown and Spectre exploits

    No firmware updates for Surface Pro 1 and 2 owners, apparently. Sent from my KFFOWI using Tapatalk
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    Secure Boot Violation

    For those that come across this thread looking for an answer to the same problem, a full reset was the only solution that I could find to this problem. Sent from my LGLS665 using Tapatalk
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    Recommended Power Supply Replacement?

    Hi kayzee, Thanks much for your response and the suggestions. This is quite helpful to me.
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    Surface Pro Eye Strain and Headaches. Please help

    I am prone to eyestrain and headaches, and had some issues using the Surface Pro for long periods of time, at first. I highly recommend reducing the screen resolution, downloading the Intel drivers and adjusting brightness and contrast. It helped me quite a bit. Good luck. PS: Feel free to...
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    Low-end Projector Recommendation

    Thanks for the reply. That looks like a nice unit, though it's beyond my budget, I believe.
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    Low-end Projector Recommendation

    Hi everybody, I don't have a television, but do a fair amount of watching on devices. I've been looking for a projector to plug into and project shows and movies on the wall for a more theatrical experience. My requirements are modest, and I think that 480p would be adequate. I've seen a number...
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    Recommended Power Supply Replacement?

    Hi everybody, Like some of you, I'm sure, my power supply connector no longer works reliably. I'm looking for a replacement. Microsoft no longer sells replacement 48W power supplies for the Surface Pro 1 and 2, and the third-party replacements on Amazon seem to have suspicious reviews. Does...
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    Here's how to disable Windows 10 Spying Features

    Does this apply to Windows 8.1 users as well?
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    Secure Boot Violation

    Hi, I just wanted to check in and see if anybody else that has had this problem and repaired it can chime in. I've tried the various MBR repair commands at the recovery prompt, but have yet to resolve the problem.
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    Secure Boot Violation

    A reset isn't really prudent at this time, for me. I'll continue to search out alternative fixes, as I'd like to know how to edit and/or remove UEFI boot entries in the future. Overall, the UEFI scheme strikes me as purposely limiting and frustrating. Thanks much for your reply. I will post...
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    Secure Boot Violation

    "Invalid signature detected. Check Secure Boot Policy in Setup." I've been fooling around with some live CDs on my Surface Pro 1, and now when booting back to Windows I receive this error at boot. It seems to be a common problem however I have yet to resolve it. I've tried disabling and...
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    Solved Turning Off Notifications in Windows 8.1

    That is what happens, surely. Haha. Well, the problem that was originally presented is not yet solved, however the problem caused in trying to resolve the initial problem is solved. I'll post an update here if I figure anything else out with the notifications issue. In the scope of things, I...
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    Solved Turning Off Notifications in Windows 8.1

    To those that come across this post searching for a resolution to the same problem, as it turns out, this issue had to due with secure boot settings. To resolve it, I had to boot into recovery, UEFI settings, enable secure boot and install trusted keys. Interestingly, this was disabled some time...
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    Solved Turning Off Notifications in Windows 8.1

    Hi GreyFox7, Thanks much for your reply. I changed these registry settings, and upon rebooting, they are back to the way they are. In addition, upon rebooting, my wifi is broken. This may or may not be related, but device manager shows Device status as: "This device is nojt working properly...
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    Solved Turning Off Notifications in Windows 8.1

    Hi everybody, I have Surface Pro 1 running Windows 8.1. It seems that when I turn off system notifications (the toast pop up notifications), they are always enabled upon reboot. I have disabled notifications through PC Settings > Search and Apps > Notifications > turning off "app...
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    Dual boot ubuntu

    I haven't seen a lot of discussion along the lines of linux on the Surface here. It looks likes there are still some hurdles in linuxing the atom Surfaces. This is from skimming the threads at -- Good luck, and let us know how it goes. -- Sent from Microsoft Surface Pro...
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    Sad Reality of Apple's Users

    I've always got a kick out of the world "dongle". It sounds like a euphemism for a sex organ.
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    Solved Will Microsoft Provide new recovery images for Surface Pro, Pro 2, Pro 3 with Windows 10?

    That's a really good question, and one that I'm wondering as well. I think that we will see an answer with users upgrading to Windows 10 in coming days.
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    Surface Tweak Tool for Surface Pro 2 - Release!

    I've been using version of the drivers from Intel for a little while now. They seem to be working well, without a discernable impact on battery life -- though the unit doesn't have the greatest battery life, so it's hard to say for sure. I haven't done any formal benchmark. These...
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    Recommended Inexpensive USB 3.0 Hub for SP1

    I'm looking for a preferrably powered USB hub for my SP1, at a hopefully modest price. If anybody has any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!

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