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    New and improved Chinese Surface - day 1 buy

    Lol - jokes. Check this out. Basically, some ex-Google people did a near enough straight copy of Surface hardware, using mostly older designs. Look at that keyboard connector.
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    OneNote 2013 and OneNote App synced over each other

    Earlier today, I was about to print my homework and opened it in OneNote 2013 to do this, having created it in the app for MUI. OneNote 2013 contained an older version, and synced it over my new version, creating an absolute mess. Any way to fix this when it happens? I had to do it manually...
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    Solved Confused about Office 365

    I currently use Office 2013 and I'm confused about what Office 365 actually provides. I know about the storage and the license for Office 2013. Do you get better versions of the web apps when you subscribe? Word online is a bit unusable to me without an equation editor, as nice as it is to...
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    Drawboard PDF - Issues and Resolutions

    I like Drawboard. Sometimes I like to read through my lecture notes and use different colours to highlight equations, important words, and other times I like to make new stuff in OneNote. I like varying my learning methods. Drawboard is nice to use when it works, but sometimes it annoys me when...
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    Surface Pro Screen Protector - official, tempered glass

    I noticed it on the Surface twitter account: Like most accessories, it appears to only be available in the US of A. Anyone going to try it out? I've been looking for a good...
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    LOL @ New York Times Crossword

    7-day trial period has ended. Ok, you want me to pay a couple quid for your app, I'll think about it. What's this? Subscribe? 7 DOLLARS PER MONTH TO DO CROSSWORDS! They can do one :p
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    Can't add @live email to Outlook 2013

    I started using Outlook 2013 today as I want to see what it has to offer, and it seems better than using the Mail app on my Surface - but I'm having problems adding my @live email. I also am struggling to add my gmail due to having two-step verification enabled and Outlook not accepting my...
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    Solved How to only ink with pen in Word/Office

    Is there a way to ink only with the pen in Word and the rest of Office (not OneNote)? I want to be able to write on documents, spreadsheets e.t.c. with reminders and still scroll with my fingers and click with the trackpad, but I can't find a way of doing this. Right now when I select ink, my...
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    My Review

    I wanted to share my review on this forum to help potential buyers, as I did on Amazon and Microsoft Store. Why did I write my own? Because 99% of reviews I see are mostly about specs - I tried to talk more about my experiences with it and how it can be used. Here it is: When I got my Surface...
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    Magnetically attaching SP3 pen to SP3

    Something I was missing after leaving SP2 was the ability to stick my pen to my Surface. I know I can use the pen loop, but I don't want that thing sticking out when I'm not using it, and I'm sure it will leave a mark if I decided to remove it. As far as I could tell, it was no longer possible...
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    Solved Word downloads file every time I open it

    Every time I open a document in Word, it downloads it, which takes a few seconds. Is there any way to just open the local version? I still want it to check for a newer version, but then open the local one once it realizes that it's the latest version. I made it available offline in OneDrive but...
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    Microsoft Sudoku allows pen input

    I'm a fan of logic games on my Surface, and I've been looking for a good Sudoku app. I was pretty interested in the NYT Crossword that was demoed at the SP3 reveal, due to allowing direct pen input. I downloaded the Microsoft Sudoku app, and to my surprise, it allows you to write in the...
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    Surface Pro 3 14 Day Trial at Microsoft Store

    I read on the Microsoft Store last year that with Surface Pro 2, you could trial the product for 30 days before committing to the purchase. I just got off the phone with Microsoft UK, and the very helpful guy on the phone confirmed to me (4 times) that if I purchase a Surface Pro 3 from...

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