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    SP7 - No audio after upgrade to Windows 11

    oh, thanks a lot! it worked the SP7 reinstalled Realtek audio driver instead of the Intel one and now audio works again much thanks! massimo
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    SP7 - No audio after upgrade to Windows 11

    the package has an entire stack of driver and it has not a setup.exe if i try to install them manually the OS give issues on the audio driver says it has no certificate these are the warning i get on my SP7 thanks massimo
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    SP7 - No audio after upgrade to Windows 11

    Hi all, after upgrading to W11 i completely lost audio, even the volume keys on the top of the tablet do not work anymore. I've tried a lot of stuff, i've installed Surface pro 7 drivers package from MS website ( Download Surface Pro 7 Drivers and Firmware from Official Microsoft Download...
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    Surface Pro 4 won't turn on

    i'm still trying, but with no success at the moment :(
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    Surface Pro 4 won't turn on

    my SP4 had a similiar issue 2 days ago, only the keyboard ligths turn ON, all the rest don't give an sing of life
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    Black screen after after power off, keyboard lights on, all the rest OFF

    Hi all, maybe i'm not the only one with this severe issue, Surface pro 4 (mostly used as tablet), 2 days ago i had a number of slow down in perfomances using Edge, after some of the last updates Edge has performances issue on my SP4. The PC had a slow down, after minutes i've turned off the...

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