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    Surface Pro keyboard not available?

    I believe the very connector in the Surface Pro 8 has been changed to match Surface Pro X. I am pretty certain you cannot use the new type cover with a Surface Pro 7.
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    Is anyone else annoyed with Smart Charging?

    Microsoft was more aggressive with the battery preservation features on the Surface Pro 8, and I'm tired of having to discharge my battery below 20% just to be able to charge the battery to 100%. I might go into the BIOS and disable it.
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    Surface Pro 7+ vs Surface Pro 8?

    The problem has been resolved, but notably it didn't happen to one device until Windows 11 was installed. Was never a problem in Windows 10. Even Microsoft believed a Windows 11 update was behind the Surface Pro 8 blue screens.
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    Surface Pro 7+ vs Surface Pro 8?

    Has anyone been getting blue screens? I believe Windows 11 has done that to both my devices.
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    SP8 New User Questions

    The charger is identical.
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    Surface Pro 7+ vs Surface Pro 8?

    I didn't apply any thermal tape or glue. I just did a clean swap.
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    Surface Pro 7+ vs Surface Pro 8?

    The SP8 screen is one of the best I've seen on any device, not just a Surface. I had it next to my XPS17, which I cherish for its 4K screen, so I know.
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    Surface Pro 7+ vs Surface Pro 8?

    I just got my Surface Pro 8. Most of my peripherals now use USB C, and I am really enjoying having two USB ports rather than one. I do, however, miss the microSD card slot, which the Surface Pro 7+ still has. I upgraded my Surface Pro 8 SSD to 1TB myself. What are you looking to get from an...
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    Opinions on Surface Book

    I know why it weighs more, but the point is that it makes it harder to carry around everywhere daily, which is how I use my SP3. I don't know much I'd get in a trade-in for my SP3, but I was more apt to trade in my 15-inch retina MacBook Pro, except that I'd be downgrading from a quad-core...
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    Opinions on Surface Book

    I love Surface Book, but I want a device I can carry everywhere, which I have in my SP3. SB adds another pound of weight. And I can't see why I'd own both.
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    What do others use pen daily basis - SP3

    I journal with OneNote.
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    Playing DVD

    I've been ripping a lot of DVDs and Blu-rays recently. I rip primarily for when I travel. If I am at home, I prefer to watch the disc in its full uncompressed glory. I really can't be bothered with how popular it is. I choose MP4 because it casts better, for some reason.
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    MS Store Maximum Trade-in Value

    Hi, does anyone know what the Microsoft Store's maximum trade-in value for a MacBook Pro is? I don't know my model number by heart, but it's a late 2013 quad-core laptop clocked at 2.6GHz, and it has 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD. I was considering trading it in for a Surface Book since I already...
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    How do you mobile users carry around your SPs and SBs?

    I carry my SP3 in a sleeve that is placed inside a messenger bag. This is the only way I ever carry it around. I take it nearly everywhere unless I am carrying a laptop, in which case I use a laptop bag.
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    Mail app, Word crashing

    Does anyone else have a problem with the Mail app suddenly? Today it has crashed repeatedly seconds after opening. It is now unusable. Also, Microsoft Word routinely crashes during spellcheck, and I have experienced that on two different devices.
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    Diary apps that take handwring

    Recently, I've begun keeping an electronic journal. So far, I've found only one Windows diary app that takes handwriting, but it converts it into type, which I find undesirable. Does anyone know of any that preserve the handwriting? In the meantime, I have turned to OneNote. The new pen works...
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    Great Surface Pen 4 Performance on Surface Pro 3

    I've finally bought the new pen. Can't wait to try it out.
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    Is it worth buying the new SP4 type cover to use on my SP3?

    I finally bought a second type cover 4, and this one actually works. I do appreciate the feel. It's a far better keyboard to me. Somehow I find that the backlight on the previous type cover was more distinct, however.
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    Is it worth buying the new SP4 type cover to use on my SP3?

    So, wait, if I call Microsoft, they will give me a free Pro 4 type cover? :eek:
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    Solved New Type Cover Not Working

    We tried everything. Nothing worked. I will be returning it to Best Buy.

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