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    Solved Not sure where to post this but i need help - Serial number

    Ok so, my mother's computer wouldn't startup when we tried to login in on one day, so we tried a bunch of stuff like restarting it and none that worked, and before that i had another computer that had a boot problem and we needed disks for it and we finally got some, i've been trying to fix my...
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    Checking Media Boot Fail

    Ok so my brother, recently booted his computer and its saying Checking Media...... than it says something like Boot Failed, Please restart the computer. So we did this like 10 times over, But nothing worked. We don't know why its happening to his computer, lately its been like this. 1st My...
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    Windows 10 Activation Problem Need Help

    So I had an old laptop that was Windows 8.1 and fully updated so I upgraded to windows 10. But its not activated. Which is weird, it was a free upgrade. Somebody please help.
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    Win10 Download Problem(This is for a diff laptop)

    This is the problem im having. i have it reserved, i have all updates complete and everything, my computer was restarted. But im still having this problem, please help me!
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    Need Help(Not Sure where to put this)

    I was using my laptop and when i upgraded to windows 10, I decided after it upgraded, to have some fun time on it.Then after awhile I would reset it. But then when it finished, I got INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE, i tried everything. i tried booting my computer with a Usb Flash Drive thats empty and...

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