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    Surface Pro keyboard typing wrong characters

    Wow, that's really strange.. If you haven't already try updating the drivers in device manager.
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    Screen Replacement: What adhesive can be easily removed again.

    I bought a Surface pro 3 with a cracked screen and have been working on replacing it. As I'm sure many of you know, getting the screen off in one piece is a near impossible feat. By the time I had the old screen off I was bleeding, the screen was in many more pieces than it had been and I had...
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    Great deal, I hope! Some questions...

    Check the frame for warping, this is a known issue although it should not affect functionality it is annoying. The frame of my SP3 was warped, I fixed it by laying it screen down and placing cards under the corners then gently pressing down. I had my screen off for replacement when I did this...
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    Can any one share recovery image for surface pro 3 64g

    Should be able to do a fresh install of windows as normal. Installation tools can be downloaded from Microsoft

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