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    Anyone dare install Win 11 beta on their Surface Pro 6?

    Any major issues with the SP 6 on Win 11 beta? I wonder now that Tablet mode is gone I may not like Win 11 on my SP6.
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    I can't wait for THIS to be released later this year!

    There's a fix for Windows 10 rearranging your desktop icons when you connect/disconnect from multiple monitors! I hope this works for the arrangement of windows when your computer wakes up from sleep too! Microsoft is finally fixing Windows 10 rearranging apps on multiple monitors - The Verge
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    Firmware update time again

    Finally got the chance to use my Surface Pro 6 as a main work machine today. Ran through a ton of stuff like it was NOTHING. Made a work Core i7, 16gb ram machine look like an Android tablet that is only powerful enough to run mobile apps since my Core i5, 8GB Surface Pro 6 didn't even flinch...
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    Surface Pro 7 Plus extending the life of a Surface Pro?

    Now that the Surface Pro 7 Plus is out, does this mean that the Surface Pro will have a much longer lifespan than just 2-3 years before a newer version is made? I know the Pro X is out there, but that is still not a finished product IMO.
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    I just noticed an onscreen touchpad icon in my system tray.

    I guess part of the 20H2 update includes an on screen touchpad? I haven't seen this before until tonight. That's pretty cool. So you can control the mouse when in tablet mode with the touchscreen mouse pad I guess. Pretty cool. Going to try it out.
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    Windows 10 20H2 additional update?

    Just got an "optional quality update for Windows 10 20H2 update that I just got last week. I wonder what's going on. Gonna look up what happened to people with 20H2 when they first updated and see if there are some issues that came up.
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    Impressive performance

    For the past couple of months I have been really impressing friends and family with the performance of the Surface Pro 6. They see me dock the Surface Pro 6 to dual monitors with the proprietary cable and immediately wow people with the work it gets done. Constantly amazed at how the same...
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    Good news for Surface Pro X owners

    After news about Apple leaving Intel for their own ARM CPUs, it seems as though ARM is the future and Surface Pro X is set.
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    New Firmware and ANOTHER update for Marvell Bluetooth and Wifi drivers just installed tonight

    I checked Windows update and saw a TON of updates for my Surface Pro 6. Noticed that a LOT of the updates for for Marvell drivers AND a Firmware update for my Surface Pro 6. Installed them all successfully just now. Anyone else get these updates yet? Here's a screenshot of the updates that just...
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    Not compatible with Windows 10 May 2020 update yet?

    I checked Windows update today on my Surface Pro 6 and got the attached message. I wonder why Microsoft's line of devices wouldn't be "first" and then make the update compatible with all of the other, generic, computer devices out there? Regardless, I am pretty sure I will get it soon. If not...
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    Facebook App no longer available. Edge Chromium and Facebook Beta website replacing the app?

    Last week, I powered up my Surface Pro 6 and hit the "Facebook" tile in my start menu. The app crashed. I opened it again and the app opened this time, but stated that my username/password was incorrect. I entered the credentials in correctly and recieved a prompt stating "This app is no longer...
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    Surface Pro 6+ in the enterprise

    Curious about the Surface Pro 6 or higher in the enterprise. I have had a Surface 3 (non-pro) which understandably had issues because it was the lower end Surface, but the issues with it were eventually resolved in the following months. Several companies used iPads for the enterprise and those...
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    Really agree with this Surface Pro 7 review

    I ALSO use my Surface Pro 6 in tablet mode a MAJORITY of the time, but I do use the keyboard whenever I am posting, etc, but it's kinda not needed IMO. Regardless, a lot of the points in here I agree with. I also agree with the statements regarding the Surface Pro X as well. Figured I would share.
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    Surface Pro 6 JUST NOW installing Marvell Driver updates from August?

    Just ran windows update tonight and two updates installed immediately and required a reboot. one was a Marvell Semiconductor update for Bluetooth and the other one was a Marvell Semiconductor update for "Net". What was strange was that the updates are dated for 08/09/ my Surface Pro 6...
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    Surface Pro X limited software functionality due to the cpu make it not worth the hype

    I understand there is a lot of hype regarding the Surface Pro X, but not being an intel processor really limits its functionality. It feels like how Apple is trying to turn the iPad Pro into competition for the Surface Pro. The fact that you can plug in anrywhere iPad Pro via USB 3 into a...
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    Surface Pro 7, why no Thunderbolt 3?

    The new Surface Pro 7 was announced yesterday and although it did come with USB-C, it looks like there is still a lack of support for Tunderbolt. I can't wait for this to be possible on a Surface Pro because I would instantly hook up my GPU to an enclosure and start gaming on the Surface Pro...
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    Battery charge estimates inconsistent

    Noticed that at one moment, my Surface Pro 6 says that there are "3 minutes left till fully charged", then "1 minute until fully charged" becomes "9 minutes until fully charged". Is this normal behavior for the charging estimates? I wonder what would throw this off and cause the time to go up if...
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    Enabling HDR

    I saw this and thought it was a really clever functionality. Anyone here use it and confirm it works with some streaming HDR video service? Currently I don't have a provider that offers HDR video. Has to be part of the 1903 update How to enable Windows 10's latest HDR settings for better video
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    Facebook for Windows 10 app acting up and reset won't fix it

    I may be one of the few people on here, but I use the Facebook Windows 10 app frequently and noticed recently that, when I click the notifications "bell" icon and click on a notification regarding any group that has had multiple posts from different members of that group, the group page never...
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    Random lock ups for 30 seconds or less

    Lately my Surface Pro 6, i5, 8gb ram, 256GB storage, has been locking up at random times for me. I go through about 30 seconds of no response from keyboard, mouse, touchscreen and then it all comes back and starts responding again. I usually only have Edge open with 5+ tabs open and the Facebook...

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