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    Active Sync policy error 0x80190197 when setting up Hub

    Hi all, We have a situation where having set up a customer's SH, there is no Exchange connection (no appointments on welcome screen, warning messages etc.). To try to fix this we re-entered Settings, Device account and re-specified the account. At the "Please enter additional information"...
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    Surface hub mail client

    A better way to give your boss the ability to read his emails on the Surface Hub would be to have him link his laptop to the hub using Miracast. In this way everything on his laptop screen will be displayed in 4k in the big screen, and he's logged in with his own email account. To link Miracast...
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    Update to new OS version with USB?

    Hi all, Out-of-the box Hubs often need an OS update. That takes a while to download (every time) and some customers don't have WSUS. I'm installing quite a few and this delay usually means I have to leave and return the following day! Is there any trick way to download new OS versions to say...
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    Help me configure my microsoft Surface Hub - Ready to pay for that!

    Hello Mr Deschenaux, I am sorry that you are receiving no helpful replies. I just saw your post. My company is a Microsoft Partner in Switzerland that specialises in Surface Hub. If you still need assistance, please email me at Best regards, Richard Sargeant
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    RT power consumption while sleeping

    Hi all, I have a RT and am delighted with it almost without reservation, but there's just one aspect that irritates me. Maybe I'm missing something? On the increasingly rare occasions I slip the family iPad 2 into my bag, I can rely on it having enough battery charge to still work if I take...
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    RT: What happened to recimg.exe?

    Hi all, For those who think the post title a bit cryptic, recimg.exe is the command-line executable that is used for the "Push Button Refresh" facility in regular Windows 8. You can see where this facility is accessed in the GUI by selecting "Settings, Change PC Settings, General" on both...

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