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    SP3 Speaker not working?

    Yesterday when trying to watch a "Youtube" video the sound would not work and a "X" remains on the speaker icon. Any thoughts? I shut down the computer a few times and still nothing...
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    Type Cover/Key Board After Maket Options

    I have a Surface Pro 3 and had the original type cover when I purchased my SP3 but in 2016 upgraded to the new version. About 8 months ago, needed to glue the strip that held the connections. The corners on the bottom of the Type Cover is also coming apart (cloth). I clean the board monthly...
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    Solved SP 3 Screen Freezing Often/ Reset Computer

    I have a SP 3 and having big issues with screen freezing, needing to restart several times to get it to work. This morning I needed to reset the computer. Windows is updated and last month I had it evaluated by the Microsoft Store in Natick, Mass and they advised that all is fine, even though it...
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    SP 3 Windows and Linux

    I am having issues with my Surface Pro 3 and starting to research replacing Windows 10 with a Linux operating system. My computer is starting to freeze here and there, needing to refresh websites such as FB and other ones. I have had to reset my SP3 twice over the past 90 days. Any thoughts or...
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    Screen will not rotate when tilted???

    When I picked up my surface pro 3 after taking it off my docking station, will not rotate? I tried everything including shutting it down. Please advise.
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    New Member

    I just joined this forum but not new to Surface. I have had my Surface Pro 3 since February of 2015 and still love it. It is the best tablet. Stephen

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