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    Surface RT Wifi Issues - This is getting old . . .

    Anybody else still suffering from losing wifi connections which cannot be restored without a reboot. Seems mine occur intermittantly, usually coming out of standy. As we come up on the year anniversay of this device (End of Oct) I am surprised that we are still having to deal with these issues...
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    Where is the July Firmware Update To Surface RT

    I have seen a number of news websites saying that on July 9th, MS pushed out a firmware update to Surface RT, but not Pro. I am running 8.1 RT preview and I don't see any firmware update recently. I did get some updates to 8.1 on that day, but my general understanding is firmware updates are...
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    So how do you select multiple files in Win RT Explorer via touch commands

    Still have not figured out how to select multiple nonconsecutive files in Windows RT - Windows Explorer in Desktop mode via touch only. I mean like you would normally do with the CNTL - Left mouse click, on a keyboard. When I click on a file to highlight it, a check box shows up to the left of...
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    How to do Hard reset on Surface RT when frozen

    Well with the 8.1 preview being a bit flaky, especially IE 11, i got stuck where I could not get any response with the Operating system. I then could not get the power button to do anything. Is there a hard key reset sequence. On my phones in the same situation I would pull the battery but can't...
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    Hyperlinks from emails

    Is it just me, but does anybody else have a problem where if they click on a web link in an email , sometimes metro internet explorer will open a blank page instead of the linked site. If I go back and do it again it will work. I have had this issue since day one but now 7 months down the road...
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    I just read that MS released Mobile Office for iphone today - What are they thinking?

    I know iOS is a big market, but I think MS is really trying hard to fail on the mobile device front, at this point in the game. Office was something unique to MS Hardware, but now they gave customers another reason not to switch to MS devices. I know iphone is not the same thing as a Tablet...
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    Can't Format my new SDXC 64gb card I bought for my RT

    I bought a Sandisk Ultra 64gb microSD specifically because I read it was compatible with the Surface RT. My RT recognizes it when I plug it in, but will not let me format it. I have tried all three file types(NTFS FAT and extFAT) but no go with default allocation size. It says "Windows was...
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    Can't get Xbox Music on RT to see all my songs

    I am really trying to like Xbox music but about to give up. With the latest update I thought I would give it a go, but for some reason, it won't see one of my custom albums which are tracks I use to perform(guitar)I have turned off all cloud storage. It was originally in my library but with...
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    Errors listed in Event Viewer

    I was poking around in Administrative Events in the Event Viewer of the Administrative Tools (control panel) on my Surface RT and was surprised how many errors there are. Seems like my RT has a new error every few minutes. Scary thing is they are all different errors and warnings. Wouldn't even...
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    Strange contact behavior in Mail app

    My mail account is listing my daughters name for my email address and I can't figure out where its pulling it from or get it to stop. somehow merged my email address for my daughters. So I removed it from her contact in the which took it out of the people app, and that...
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    Surface RT can't keep up with repeated backspace taps

    I am not sure if it is just my Surface RT, but whenever I need to use the backspace key either on the touch cover or the screen keyboard, and have to do repeated backspace keypresses by holding it down (Such as if you want to delete a line of text), it seems the Surface RT cannot keep up with...
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    Why do email attachments take forever to download

    I am starting to notice how bad the surface is at downloading email message attachments. Everytime I get an email with an attachment, and want to forward or reply, I get a message that the email message needs to finish downloading first. Then the downloading can take anywhere fro 30sec to a...
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    Game controller options

    So we know X-Box controllers work, but are there any Bluetooth options so we don't need a wireless receiver sticking out of our Surface.
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    Any good first person shooter games?

    I am not a gamer but am hoping Surface will get some decent first person shooter games. Are there any out or planned?
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    We need a real bookcover case option.

    I see a lot of sleeves but no case cover option. Although functional, The outside of the touch cover just looks plain cheesy as a cover with its fabric texture. Hope someone comes up with a leather option that can somehow cover it.
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    [Solved] Surface Soft Keyboard Does Not Work on This Forum

    I am having a problem specific to this forum. When making a post or replying to a post, when I tap on a text box my on screen keyboard pops up then immediately goes into hiding again before I can enter any text. From what I have experienced this is the only forum this occurs. I can only enter...
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    Adera - Uses alot of storage space

    Did you guys notice this game uses 1.5 gb of space. Run the app space tool. What is the deal and how do we trim it down. Disk cleanup doesn't see it.

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