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    Surface Mouse not working anymore

    Dear Community, I ran into a problem! My Surface Book Mouse is not working anymore! While on vacation, it stopped working! It is blinking blue, but my surface book can't find it anymore! Anyone an idea? Thanks
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    Windows 10 Pro Problems

    Hello, for a client I'm supposed to reinstall Windows 10 Pro on his System His System is a an ACER Aspire ES1-711-P7JE with the following Hardware Intel Pentium quad core processor N3540 (up to 2,66 GHz) Intel HD graphics 8GB RAM 640GB Hard Disk Some friend gae it to him to use it BUT, there...
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    Surface Book Performance Keyboard no AT sign and no dot anymore

    Hello, since yesterday, I can't make a AT-Sign and no dot with my keyboard Anything else works, any idea thanks
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    Surface Book with Performance Keyboard not working properly

    Hello everybody, got another issue with my Surface Book. The Performance Keyboard, yesterday started to work abnormal. Sometimes I can use it and write something and then it's not working at all, i can press any key and nothing works suddenly it works again. Anyone any suggestions? Thank you
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    Solved Windows 10 Pro Updates not working

    Hello, on my Surface book I can't open the Windows Update screen and check for updates. the window opens and closes right away. Anyone having an idea on how to get this working again? Thank you
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    Surface Book with Core i7, 16GB RAM keeps getting bluescreens

    Dear community members, I ran into a problem. I was gifted a Surface Book i7. This machine keeps getting bluescreens, see attached "blue screen view" screenshot. Any suggestions? I checked Windows Update and can't find any new drivers. Further, I had installed the NVIDIA GeForce Experience...

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