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    Less sticky bumper by painting or coating it?

    I'd like to use the bumper but with less stickiness. I wondered if dying or painting it would help it be less tack so it can slide in and out of the pocket easier. Has anyone tried to find such a solution? I've considered putting a transparent gloss. It's very protective, where it covers...
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    Surface Power Cover hiccup problems

    Hello all, I'm having a difficult problem with the power cover. It doesn't happen all the time, but often enough to make me regret moving away from my original Type Cover. See, it's as if the Alt and or Ctrl button gets stuck. Physically it is not stuck. But...
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    Lightroom: USB 3.0 Hub with MicroSD & SD Cards with external HD

    Hello all, I want to share my little project of making a useful portable Lightroom machine for my photography needs on my SP. It might have some info relevant to those looking into hubs and SD cards and all. So I needed a fast and reliable way to transfer 25MB RAW photo files (uncompressed)...
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    FreedomCase - many multiple angles, while slim & protective,

    FreedomCase | The freedom to use your Surface anywhere. This slim case has multiple angles for the stand, covers more sides, stays closed, is highly customizable. It even can protect my Type Cover when flipped back, something most covers can't do. The kickstarter starts sometime soon...

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