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    Surface Pro 2 Charging Issue at 85%

    Hi, So my Surface Pro 2 has this weird charging issue and I am wondering if someone here is familiar with it. It charges fine all the way to the 80% mark and then it starts switching from charging to not charging. This goes on till around 85% when it shows charging and then it stays that way...
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    Secure Boot Option Greyed Out

    Hi, I just got a Surface Pro 3 and love it. Everything works well. I am trying to boot from a USB but I first need to disable secure boot. The problem is the option to do so in the UEFI/BIOS menu is greyed out and cannot be changed. Is there a way to change that? I'm sorry if this is a duplicate...
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    Battery Life...hmmmmm!

    Just a minor in put. I have to say after using the Surface 2 for the past week my biggest complaint remains battery life. As it is my previous RT appears to have a longer battery life compared to this particular Surface 2 that I am using. Yes the device is up to date with all the countless...
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    Next Gen Surface Speaker

    I really think that next generation Surface speakers should be better than what we have right now and anything else would be a major disappointment for some. Tablets are getting better as an entertainment device with lots of apps for that purpose. Poorly placing two tiny speakers that sound weak...
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    RT Crashing when Typing

    Anyone know of a fix for The RT crashing when using on screen keyboard on internet explorer? It happens randomly and not sure what triggers it. I know it has to do with the on screen keyboard because it never happens with the physical keyboard. When typing it will just freeze and the only thing...
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    A few Questions for Surface 2

    I am thinking of getting the Surface 2 but I am wondering if some of my complaints about the Surface RT has been addressed. I wonder if the speaker volume is now louder than that of the RT. Even my Lumia 521 with a single speaker is far better than the twin speakers on my RT. Also...
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    Stopped Using Keyboard

    I recently bought a nice looking Type Cover 2 for my Surface RT and I really like it. Works well and very responsive. Also stands out. However of late I have not been using it with my Surface. I have come to realize that its much more natural to use the Surface without a keyboard. It is designed...
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    DC Area Best Buy Out of Type 2 Black

    Not sure about other parts of the country but here in the DC and Baltimore area Best Buy and Staple stores are out of the black Type Cover 2 and only two stores have the other colors in stock. I did a lot driving to get the black but I ended up settling with the Cyan which is only available at...
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    Previous Page Return in Internet Explorer Still Slow

    My RT has improved a lot since 8.1 upgrade however going back to the previous page in internet explorer is still very slow. I mean it sometimes take three seconds or more depending on the site. The overall page load has improved and typing is much more responsive. Even the sound volume that used...

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