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  1. bondr007

    Anyone still in love with their SP2?

    Little did I know that 4 years ago when I bought my SP2 that I'd still be in love with her many years later. Yes, I have since bought the new SP2017, and I'm in love with her too.....but we're still on our honeymoon. My SP2 resides in the kitchen as the family computer where she gets plenty of...
  2. bondr007

    Aspect Ratio

    I have an SP2 and an SP2017. One thing I wish they had done with the SP2017 is gone back to the 16:9 aspect ratio of the SP2. I am not a big fan of the 3:2 aspect ratio. Too squarish, and has black bars on top and bottom for movies, so you don't get the benefit of full screen. On the other hand...
  3. bondr007

    Long Time Windows User

    Hey all. You can call me Rob. I go all the way back to Win 3.1, well actually MS DOS. Win 7 was my favorite OS until Win 10 got here. Got myself an SP2 a few years back and really loved it. Still have it and it's running well today. Great kitchen counter computer. Finally got myself a new SP...

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