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  1. kojack

    What wasn't at the surface event, and what I would love to see.

    So, I spent an hr watching the surface event. I am all in for a duo 2 512gb when my contract matures with my current device. My son is getting either a pro 8, or a go 3, depending on LTE options on both. I think I may get him the 8 and sell his laptop and iPad. What wasn't at the event...
  2. kojack

    Does the duo have dual sim?

    I am going to get a duo soon, however, does it have dual sim or esim capability? I need dual line phone connectivity as I have my work line and my personal line on my iphone 11 right now and need this for my next phone (which will NOT be an iphone).
  3. kojack

    What is the best software for setting up a home server?

    I have an older acer mini server with windows home server installed. Is this fine for a server accessed through my network? Is it ok, to set up this so I can access it on the road when I am travelling? I am planning on have 4 14tb drives in it for storage of video/photo projects etc.
  4. kojack

    Chances of Duo getting Android 12?

    Anyone heard any rumors of the duo getting updated to A12 in the future?
  5. kojack

    Surface laptop go SSD upgrade?

    Can you upgrade the SSD storage in the laptop?
  6. kojack

    Anyone know of any 2020 pro x reviews out there?

    I am wondering how the new pro x runs compared to the previous edition. I am anxiously awaiting this. I am getting ready to move my ipad to my son, and pick up a new Pro X for me.
  7. kojack

    Samsung phone and Pro X users. How's your phone working?

    I am very interested in this combo. Since samsung phones now have full integration with windows 10, how is it working on the Pro X? I think it would be the ideal combo since having android apps working on screen on the X should be a decent situation.
  8. kojack

    New pro X incoming.

    I just read that MS is releasing an updated Pro X with X64 emulation layer included. This is awesome news and I am glad I waited. Hopfully, They will keep the replaceable SSD slot. A quick question what size is the SSD I would want to buy a larger capacity one and install it.
  9. kojack

    Some questions about the X? Software related.

    Hi, I am looking at getting an X for when we are on the road. Will all features of "your phone" work with the X and samsung phones? Is the version of edge the same as my version on my dell? I need to be able to edit and create on wix from my tablet while on the road. Also, I guess polarr...
  10. kojack

    Anyone in the "know", is there a surface studio monitor being talked about?

    I would buy the studio monitor and book 2 for my personal setup if it were available. touchscreen 28" monitor with all the coolness of the studio but powered by the book 2, so I could have my device on the move as well. I think this would be an ideal setup for photographers/videographers etc...
  11. kojack

    Thoughts on where MS is heading with mobile?

    I am on the verge of jumping ship to apple for my phone. Before I spend the money on the phones, I want to hear of others on the state of windows mobile......Do you think MS is ditching it? I love the 950xl and 950 as devices....but I am scared to make a big purchase like that just to have...
  12. kojack

    power useage with lcd at different levels?

    I was wondering if anyone knows how much faster the battery drains with the screen on 75 % and 100%? Compared to 50. and 25 percent that is.
  13. kojack

    Interesting news regarding w10 and RT devices

    Microsoft is developing an w10 OS for Arm based processors. Going to be interesting to say the least. I hope they put in universal app support. That will be a great feature for the RT surfaces to be able to run. Hopfully, this will be out in the next 6 months. I have two RT based devices...
  14. kojack

    Mail issue on our 1020s. Anyone help?

    In the past couple of weeks, My wife and I noticed that our mail is not being stored on our 1020s for longer than a day. It used to all be stored there. I never changed any settings. Any ideas how to fix this up?
  15. kojack

    Hi New Here

    Hi, I just purchased 2 surface 3s for my wife and I. Look forward to spending some time here.!

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