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    Surface Pro 8 with 32 GB Ram?

    Has anyone used this configuration? I wonder what the biggest advantage is over the 16 GB model . . . Opinions appreciated!
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    Apple does ink right.

    I have been a Tablet user since the earliest days going back to the TC 1000. Microsoft Tablet Input panel has had several ups and down. I can't believe that Apple is the company to make a device ink enabled as it should be. Scribble allows a user to use handwriting in any field that can...
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    Cracked Glass

    Someone on YouTube mentioned that glass is normally used to facilitate wireless charging (which the Duo doesn't have). They summed it up by saying "all of the disadvantage of glass, with none of the benefits."!
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    Wifi randomly disconnecting

    I believe a new update is supposed to address these issues.
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    Smartwatch Recommendation?

    I ordered a Tic Watch Pro LTE version primarily based on the comments regarding using Google Assistant versus Samsung Bixby. We''ll see!
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    Cracked Glass

    It's the outside glass. Post on the Microsoft Duo forum have people even making sure the Windows Logo is face down when charging so as not to put any additional stress on the port. My replacement is device is scheduled to arrive tomorrow! Hope it restores as easily as my iPhone. Never had an...
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    Smartwatch Recommendation?

    Since I am leaving the iOS world, does anyone have a recommendation on a smartwatch to pair with the DUO? It seems that the Galaxy Watch 3 and the TicWatch Pro are two of the more popular ones . . . Thanks!
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    Cracked Glass

    I know of at least 4 people (via the web) who have had the glass on the rear back side of their Duo crack. 3 of us had it crack without dropping the phone. My crack, as did the others, originates right above the USB-C port. I have been extremely disappointed in the service I have received...
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    Surface Duo Forum is live!

    Mine should be here tomorrow! I'm most anxious to use my phone through my dual monitor / SB2 desktop set up!
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    Does anyone remember Microsoft PhotoDraw?

    I'll have to try that. I've always just assumed it didn't have the capabilities of PhotoDraw. Thanks!
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    Does anyone remember Microsoft PhotoDraw?

    I used to use this for basic graphics editing within my business until it was retired by Microsoft. It was much easier to use than Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator and of course, much cheaper. Does anyone have any suggestions on a similar type graphics program that would work on the Surface Pro...
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    Surface Pro X screen brightness issue

    I've noticed my brightness varies while I'm using my device. I figured it will get fixed in an update.
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    Can we get a pro x forum?

    I agree! No place to discuss this innovative product on line . . . .
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    Surface Pro X

    Is there any chance that a forum category for the Surface Pro X and Surface Pro 7 will be started? Thanks!
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    Surface Book 2 - Tablet Mode

    You would think Microsoft would learn from Apple and try to capture the income stream from high quality accessories. I've purchased both the keyboard and regular folio covers for my new iPad Pro 11". I like the way they have added a magnetically attached back cover to the new folio line!
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    Surface Book 2 - Tablet Mode

    Does anyone use their SB2 in tablet mode, say, 50% of the time? Is there any type of folio cover for the tablet portion that can be attached when carrying it into meetings, etc.? I'd like to diminish the use of my iPad Pro and use either my SB2 or SP4 more . . . .
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    SP4 / New Dock / 3 Monitors

    I have a Surface Book 2 with the new dock and I am using 2 external Dell Monitors plugged into the dock in addition to the SB2 screen at my desk with no problem. I am considering moving back to my SB4 and have tried plugging it into the same configuration. In display options, it shows 3...
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    Wanted: Idiots Guide to Setting Up Three Monitors

    Where's your mouse, Jeff? Duh, just saw the trackpad on the keyboard! How's that work out?
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    Wanted: Idiots Guide to Setting Up Three Monitors

    I decided on the following set up . . . (2) Dell Ultrasharp UP2518d monitors hooked directly to the Surface Dock via the Mini Display Ports, and the Surface itself as the 3rd Screen. The Dell Monitors have 2560 x 1440 resolution which is great for my use. Everything set up without a hitch!
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    Wanted: Idiots Guide to Setting Up Three Monitors

    I'd like to set up three monitors on my desk and have my SB2 closed while in use. I've got a 13.5", i7, 16 GB Surface Book 2 with the new docking block. I've been using Surface Computers since the first one, and tablets since the HP Compaq TC1100. I'd like my set up to work right out of the...

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