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    Surface Pro 2 Charging Issue at 85%

    Hi, So my Surface Pro 2 has this weird charging issue and I am wondering if someone here is familiar with it. It charges fine all the way to the 80% mark and then it starts switching from charging to not charging. This goes on till around 85% when it shows charging and then it stays that way...
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    Secure Boot Option Greyed Out

    The link is not clear about installing the "Default Boot keys" plus most of the options are already to greyed out on the UEFI settings. Both the TPM and Secure Boot Control are greyed out. (See Pic) The other thing is when booting into the UEFI setting it asks me for a password but I always hit...
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    Secure Boot Option Greyed Out

    The link is not clear about installing the missing secure boot keys. I will keep searching. Thanks anyway.
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    Secure Boot Option Greyed Out

    Thanks so much for the quick reply.
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    Secure Boot Option Greyed Out

    Hi, I just got a Surface Pro 3 and love it. Everything works well. I am trying to boot from a USB but I first need to disable secure boot. The problem is the option to do so in the UEFI/BIOS menu is greyed out and cannot be changed. Is there a way to change that? I'm sorry if this is a duplicate...
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    Battery Life...hmmmmm!

    This is just something I've been noticing. Is it possible that using Type Cover 2 may be impacting the S2 battery life? I say so because it appears that whenever I use the on screen keyboard with the cover detached I experience better battery life. Just an observation.
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    The disposable Surface...

    This is a bit scary. Just got my Surface 2 and now I have this to worry about in addition to whether Microsoft would scrap the ARM Surface line or even that it may or may not get the coming Windows 10. But then I love it for now.
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    On Screen Keyboard Haptic Feedback

    Curious about that as well.
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    Battery Life...hmmmmm!

    After reading some very helpful posts here I have decided to do some further tests to determine the actual battery performance and will post the result as requested. My previous battery monitoring might have been a bit casual. On a different note I just finished setting up a remote connection...
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    Battery Life...hmmmmm!

    The main issue for me is real time usage. The amount of time the battery drops when using it. It can be better. I even thought of exchanging it for the Pro 2 since its battery has been improved but the price of $800 was too much for me especially when I got the Surface 2 for $350.
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    Battery Life...hmmmmm!

    Brand new I got from the shop about a week ago.
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    Battery Life...hmmmmm!

    Just a minor in put. I have to say after using the Surface 2 for the past week my biggest complaint remains battery life. As it is my previous RT appears to have a longer battery life compared to this particular Surface 2 that I am using. Yes the device is up to date with all the countless...
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    Original RT Broken - What to Do Next

    Can't think of a better hardware and overall built quality. But misfortune can strike at any time. My RT remains as shiny and new as the day I got it and its not like I don't use it everyday and night. Heck even my two year old drops it every now and then while watching videos.
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    Coffee on my type keyboard for Surface Pro 2

    I have the same issue and I have been thinking about the same thing. Mine has about three keys that affected and I keep an eye for any solution. Hopefully someone will eventually come up with something.
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    Worried about viruses?

    That's interesting. Thanks for the tip.
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    Who Will be Upgrading?

    I doubt I will be at such a price. Plus my RT handles my daily tasks well and for those times I need to do something more challenging I would pull out my laptop. Don't get me wrong the SP3 is a great addition to the Surface family however I doubt it will be flying off the shelf. At $800 plus the...
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    type cover wear and tear

    Mine looks good as well besides some dirt as a result of heavy use. If I clean it off it will look like new again.
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    Question regarding Microsoft Surface RT

    Yeah its better to be on the safer side. For me I can easily tell even by holding it. The RT has this premium feel you hardly get from fake. Also if you are able to play with it you may go to Systems and see what it has to say. Or even try downloading some apps on the app store. Chances are if...

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