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  1. Wayne Orwig

    Book 1 battery and disk replacement

    I have an original Book. It sat unused for a number of months and now I have found a use for it. Oddly, while sitting powered off, the screen battery has gone bad. As in, it only lasts about 10 minutes by itself. The keyboard battery still appears to have about full capacity. So, I ordered a...
  2. Wayne Orwig

    Surface Book 1 disk upgrade and battery replacement

    I got a Book 1 when they were originally introduced. (and went through a couple of months of pain thinking it was a total disaster before they had the firmware bugs worked out) Early this year I got a 15 inch Book 2. I wanted the larger screen, and 512GB instead of the 256GB drive. The old Book...
  3. Wayne Orwig

    Battery charge limiter experiment

    I know a lot of people go out of their way to not let device batteries get to 100%. Generally for me, I am plugged into the charger full time, so the device is always ready to go. I did have an OLD smartphone that I installed a security camera app on, and plugged it in for a few years, that the...
  4. Wayne Orwig

    USB charge cable

    Has anyone seen a USB to Surface Pro power cable? Yes, I know that would be 5 volts in, and 12 volts out. And even if it worked, you would be lucky to get 10 watts or so of SLOW charge. I'm asking, because I recently was at a location for a couple of days with my SP3, and no charger. I had my...
  5. Wayne Orwig

    Connect to the strongest WiFi

    I have two access points, each has the same SSID. One on channel 1, and one on channel 11. (2.4ghz) Often, even when close to the channel 1 AP, my SP3 connects to the channel 11 AP that is far away. And I get very poor WiFi, or none at all. Using a WiFi analyzer, it looks like the poor signal is...
  6. Wayne Orwig

    Solved Flashing display on Book 2 15 inch

    I got a good Black Friday deal on a 15 inch Book 2. So far, everything has been working pretty well. But I have one annoying issue. When on battery power, the display will occasionally flicker. With or without an app running. Sometimes it doesn't do it for a few minutes, and sometimes it does...
  7. Wayne Orwig

    Decisions decisions, Book 2 or ???

    So, I have a Book 1, from 2015. It does what I want, but I am itching for a change. No good reason.... I am thinking of getting a Book 2 15 inch. The larger screen will help my old eyes a little. And I want to move up from 256 to 512 of storage. (though the micro SDHC card is generally...
  8. Wayne Orwig

    Book 1 fastest WiFi type

    Short version: I have made significant improvements to my backup drive. If I connect a 1 gig ethernet cable via a USB ethernet adapter, I am getting about 60MB/s speeds to the remote drive. All is well. If I use 5Ghz WiFi, I get about 15MB/s. Sometimes less, since the WiFi AP is a couple of...
  9. Wayne Orwig

    Book 3 cpu thoughts

    Sorry to be the one to start a sort of worthless discussion. Generally I hate this type of thing, but here goes. I have a Book 1. I got it new, so it has been a few years. I have been thinking lately about upgrading to a Book 2, to go from 256G to 512G of storage, and from a 13 to 15 inch...
  10. Wayne Orwig

    Battery replacement

    My battery is acting odd. The capacity has dropped a lot in the past few weeks for some reason. I just used it for about one hour and it went from 100% to 30%. 1) Does anyone know of a battery replacement service, or???? 2) Is there a good battery information utility? I know about the battery...
  11. Wayne Orwig

    USB power in standby

    I have used the USB port on my Pro 3 to charge my phone forever. I travel with a cheap after market charger, that does not have a USB port. My phone charged just fine from the port, even when the Pro 3 was asleep. It would not charge of course in hibernate, as expected. Starting about two weeks...
  12. Wayne Orwig

    Power supply voltage / wattage

    My Pro 3 came with a 12 volt power supply. Long ago, I got a second power supply. After market, also 12 volt. My Surface Book has a 15 volt supply. I have always kept them clearly apart, not knowing what the 15 volts might do to the Pro 3. I am looking for another after market power supply. One...
  13. Wayne Orwig

    Pen shortcuts no longer work

    Short version: I can no longer get the pen shortcuts to work on my SP3. They stopped working about three weeks ago I believe, after an update. But I am not really certain when it stopped. Long version: The shortcuts stopped working. I also could not get the pen to pair reliably. I replaced the...
  14. Wayne Orwig

    Surface Pro 3 'best' or?

    Just recently, I posted a comment in a thread about the Surface Pro 3 being the best. This is my 'new' story. I'm starting to worry. I bought a Surface Pro 1 when they were first available. I really like the machine. Didn't care for Win 8.0. Liked Win 8.1 and like Win 10 on it. The battery...
  15. Wayne Orwig

    I5 versus I7 thoughts

    I suppose that this is very subjective, but I'll ask for opinions anyway. In years gone by, I used to do a lot of hardware and software development for manufacturing tests. I preferred to work on laptops, so I would need a new laptop often, just to be able to run the current tools at a...
  16. Wayne Orwig

    Surface Pro 1 win 10 display brightness

    Is it just me, or is there no way to control the display intensity with Win 10? The 'button' on the power pop up window is grayed out. EDIT: Never mind. Shortly after posting this, I noticed that the Monitor driver was Teamviewer, not Microsoft. I uninstalled Teamviewer which rolled back the...
  17. Wayne Orwig

    Laptop or ???

    Any good hardware rumors on the SP 4 yet? My daily use machine is an old 15 inch laptop. The old battery is shot, it is slow, and heavy. I have a Surface pro 1. It performs well, but the 10 inch screen is too small for daily use. And the keyboard/touchpad are nice and portable, but not so good...
  18. Wayne Orwig

    People/contacts/ question

    Since moving to Windows 8 and my Surface, I have an odd issue. Basically, I tried to switch my Email, Calendar and Contacts to I have a laptop running Office 2007, a Surface Pro, and an Android phone. My email and calendar I like to share with all devices. So I set all of them to...
  19. Wayne Orwig

    Pro versus RT

    OK, this may be a dumb question, but how do I easily tell if a windows tablet is an x86 versus an ARM processor? As in, Win Pro versus Win RT? I occasionally see interesting tablets, but I never see anything at a quick glance at the ad, that tells me which type of device it is.
  20. Wayne Orwig

    Outlook Connector contacts and too many People

    Is anyone using the Outlook Connector with Outlook 2007? TWO contacts issues: 1) On my laptop I have Outlook 2007 (and no, it can NOT be upgraded). I have the Outlook Connector installed. So all of my devices are in sync for, as far as emails. Any change to an email on any device...

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