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  1. kristalsoldier

    Just got the Surface Laptop2

    Hi all... New device for me! Just picked up the black version of the Surface laptop 2. Change for me as I have been using the Surface Pro since gen 3 and the RT series prior to that. Back with a laptop after a long time. The keyboard feels quite nice though its a change for sure. The black...
  2. kristalsoldier

    Battery Life

    Hi All... Considering that my SP4 is having battery issues, I am seriously thinking about picking up the SP6 (i5/ 256) within the next few days or so. I wanted to know what has been your experience with the SP6 battery life. Battery life is important to me as I travel (sometimes) and work...
  3. kristalsoldier

    Problem updating Apps

    Hi all... Are you folks facing any issues when updating apps in the Store? I have 4 apps that need updating but they are turning up errors. I have tried using the Troubleshooter, which has identified the error as "windows store cache may be damaged" (Code: 0x80073CF9). I tried the various ways...
  4. kristalsoldier

    Reassessing S3 Battery life (W10H)

    Hi All... My interest in the S3 battery life has been rekindled following my renewed interest in the S3 brought on by (1) my original S3 falling and breaking; (2) MS not giving any indication of a follow up to the S3; and, (3) my buying a new S3 to replace the old one. I had the 4GB version...
  5. kristalsoldier

    PDF/EPUB on Edge (Creators Update)

    Hi all... I was just wondering if any one knows if and when we will be able to annotate PDFs on Edge and do stuff like make highlights and add notes to EPUBs within Edge... Not having these capabilities, I think, detracts from the ease of use case that I think Edge is claiming for itself...
  6. kristalsoldier

    Failure to update to Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3194496)

    I got a notification that this update had downloaded itself and was waiting installation, which I allowed it to do. It took an inordinate time to install and after restarting a couple of times I got the message that it cannot be installed and was undoing all the changes. This happened a couple...
  7. kristalsoldier

    Shiye Browser

    Hi All... I was on a sub recently on Reddit and came across a reference to this browser - Shiye. Heard of it? Used it? I downloaded it on my phone last evening (950XL). Seems to fly! Will download on my SP4 and see how things go. Regardless, this or any other browser on W10/M will have to use...
  8. kristalsoldier

    In retrospect: Was RT a mistake?

    A family member has a Surface 2, which I was looking at recently. I remember it well as it was my former machine. But she has been using it for the last two years as her only computing device aside from her phone. She mainly uses it for Mail, browsing and videos (mainly YT). And she swears by...
  9. kristalsoldier

    Quick question: MS Account Profile Pic

    Hi all... Quick question: I changed the profile pic on my primary Outlook account (which is connected to Skype). I made these changes on the MS Account page online. Theoretically, since my SP4, S3 and 950XL are all signed in with that account, the profile pic on each should change. Well, it...
  10. kristalsoldier

    Edge + Extensions: SP4 W10AU

    Hi all, Just set up a brand new SP4 for myself. The machine updated to the AU version of W10 using the Windows Update Assistant and all went well. Except that in Edge, I click on extensions and the store opens but I get no extensions like Translator, Mouse Gestures etc. I got Ad Block from a...
  11. kristalsoldier

    S3 and the Pen (SP4)

    Hi all, I am running into a bit of a problem here with my S3 and the new Pen that was released with the SP4. I bought that to use with my S3. It works well on Word 2016, Drawboard PDF and OneNote which are the apps where I use the Pen the most. But I noticed something odd. The Surface App...
  12. kristalsoldier

    Recent Updates

    I just received - as I am sure you folks have - a slew of W10 updates on my SP3 (and S3). Details here: Windows 10 update history - Windows Help I must say that Edge seems much faster than before. And, one other thing: I notice my SP3 running a trifle cooler (by touch) than what it used to...
  13. kristalsoldier

    Difference between Cortana on S3 and SP3

    Hi All, I have question about Cortana on the SP3 and S3. On the SP3, there is a provision to use the Pen to write a note/ reminder etc (see attached pic) But on the S3, there is no such provision. Any idea why? I think I will be more productive if I could use Cortana with a Pen on the S3...
  14. kristalsoldier

    System Firmware Update?

    I just received this not more than 10 mins. back. I also checked here: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 update history | Surface firmware updates - I did not find any info. Anyone know anything about this? Thanks in advance.
  15. kristalsoldier

    Mail App post Nov Update

    Hi all... I was wondering if you folks have run into this issue after updating to the Nov Update. Among the few glitches, I have noticed that the Mail app does not flip and nor does it refresh itself. I mean it shows that there are unread mails but those are ones that I have already been...
  16. kristalsoldier

    Using Stylus with Cortana

    Hi all... After the Nov Update (TH2), it has been reported that we can use the Stylus with Cortana. But how? I can't seem to find how to use this on the SP3 (used in desktop mode). Any pointers would be very helpful. Thanks in advance!
  17. kristalsoldier

    Handling the S3

    Hi all... DISCLAIMER: Essentially a vacuous post/ thread! As some of you may know, I am an avid user of the Surface devices. Currently, I use a SP3 as my main device (the KB - dark blue, I might add! - is attached 99% of the time) and a S3 as my dedicated tablet (I use the Pen but I don't use...
  18. kristalsoldier

    Drawboard PDF (4.xx)

    Hi all... I was wondering if any of you folks have noticed Drawboard PDF (newly updated to 4.xx) is taking a bit of time to open up. I am noticing this on my SP3 and it is even more noticeable on my S3. However, once the app is open, everything seems to working fine. But there are those few...
  19. kristalsoldier


    Hi all... I have used MetroTube successfully on 8.1. On Win 10 (on my SP3) the app does not seem to work - says "could not retrieve videos from YouTube". Does this mean that the app is not yet configured to Win 10 or the app is broken? If yes, what would you recommend as an alternative...
  20. kristalsoldier

    Battery Life on Surface 3

    Hi... I use my Surface 3 purely as a tablet. As such, I have found that aside from the UX issues, the S3 on W10 is worse for the wear on battery, which is a disappointment. And, please...this idea of turning off some of the services is not really a good idea where I am concerned because some...

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