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  1. XXLMandalorian

    Solved: CPU stuck at .19 GHz

    Hello I would like to share a fix I read off a windows forums post taht worked for me. I had a user come to me today saying their Surface Pro 7 was really slow. I notice the CPU was locked at .19GHZ. Just wanted to share for any one with this issue. I have read it works on SP3 and 7 as well as...
  2. XXLMandalorian

    Surface Pro 4 Screen Replacement

    What do I need to know when looking for a SP4 replacement screen to know if it will work?
  3. XXLMandalorian

    Square Metal Magnet

    Hello, So in the process of botching a screen removal and I lost one of the square metal magnet things. I assume its just one of the two pen holder but I cant find it and don't want to order more parts if the thing wont turn on. Anyone have any info on this? I added where it came from on...

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