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  1. sharpuser

    WiFi connection problems

    Okay. Next step is to see if Windows 10 updated your driver unnecessarily, improperly, or counter-productively. Choose a previous driver by following the pictures below. If this does not work, then let Windows 10 search automatically to choose a driver automatically rather than browse your...
  2. sharpuser

    WiFi connection problems

    Since you have had no suggestions from fellow Surface Go owners, I will suggest this as a possible fix:
  3. sharpuser

    Surface Go Setting

    I do not own a Surface Go, but have you tried the home automation software without Tablet Mode and with Tablet Mode? Any difference? Also, are you using an external mouse?
  4. sharpuser

    No Audio Output / Input Devices found

    If you've tried everything else, then allowing Windows 10 to make sure all your settings are sorted is the next step.
  5. sharpuser

    No Audio Output / Input Devices found

    Do a “Reset” of Windows 10. Settings, Update & Recovery Reset This PC - Keep My Files Also, if you were to remove Office, all your Office files will remain. You can delete Office and re-install. I hope this fixes you up.
  6. sharpuser

    I spilled some coffee on my surface Pro, it has since died - what can I do?

    I made some calls and there is some hope. A Microsoft (Surface device) hardware support person recommended you detail the nature and possible severity of the issue at this site, to see if you can get help: You must sign in using your Microsoft account.
  7. sharpuser

    Clipboard detach issues

    @pedrolima, Make sure the port (connection) is clean and clear and free of magnetic debris.
  8. sharpuser

    I spilled some coffee on my surface Pro, it has since died - what can I do?

    Unfortunately, Microsoft warranties do not cover water damage. There are water sensors in multiple places within the Surface computers. When Microsoft detects water damage, they will send it back to you and will not attempt a repair or give you any concession. I spilled coffee into my very...
  9. sharpuser

    I spilled some coffee on my surface Pro, it has since died - what can I do?

    Sorry about your spill. This is a serious problem. Allow your Surface to dry in a vertical position with a port hole near the bottom for at least one full day. Do not power it on. The spill may have only shorted the power supply, but more likely, has allowed some voltages to connect across...
  10. sharpuser

    New to the forum

    Thanks for joining. You must have lots of pens and chargers around your home.
  11. sharpuser

    Microsoft PEN bluetooth connection issue

    Bluetooth interference is why I asked about venues. It would be good for you to move your position in the classroom. If you are close to a wall, move away from it. If you are away from a wall, move closer to it. Bluetooth uses the same bandwidth as other WiFi, with subtle frequency differences...
  12. sharpuser

    Microsoft PEN bluetooth connection issue

    Unlikely to be the battery, then. This is very inconvenient, I am sure, but do you have a friend with a Surface who would be willing to test your pen? Trying to test whether the culprit is the Surface or the pen.
  13. sharpuser

    Microsoft PEN bluetooth connection issue

    Which generation of the pen are you using? Does your pen have a clip? Some models used two different batteries - one for the tip and one for the Bluetooth, with only one battery reporting its remaining life. See here...
  14. sharpuser

    Microsoft PEN bluetooth connection issue

    Andy, A few questions: 1 - Is this a new issue, or has the pen been disconnecting ever since you started using it, or the Surface Pro 7 ? 2 - Does it only happen during class, or does it also happen in different rooms or different venues ? 3 - Do you use the same Surface Pro 7 unit every time...
  15. sharpuser

    Surface Pro 7 Plus extending the life of a Surface Pro?

    Lots of SP7s being purchased as high school graduation gifts lately.
  16. sharpuser

    Any good art software for the SP X?

    Corel Painter
  17. sharpuser


    Wish I could help, John. Don’t know why you can’t access the options. Is your Surface (policy) managed by an organization? Try the registry fix. Also, the first time you shut down after making the change, if you can, do it not by doing a lid close. Shut down fully, then close the lid. Let us...
  18. sharpuser

    SP7 Settings Find my Device and Location both ON - but my MS account says Location disabled?

    This happened to me on both my Surface Book 2 units sometime in 2020, but it turns out I had disabled location tracking on my Microsoft account (Account, Privacy, Settings). Not sure if that Microsoft still has that option still exists or has moved it to another menu. After enabling the...
  19. sharpuser

    I can't wait for THIS to be released later this year!

    Both icons and open windows remain where I place them, as long as the monitor configuration is the same as when I went to sleep. I typically use a second monitor via mini DVI to HDMI cable.
  20. sharpuser

    I can't wait for THIS to be released later this year!

    Works great. Had this feature for some time now via Windows Insider.

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