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    Surface Pro 1accessories

    I use my i3 SP3 as a newsreader every day, and as a "minimal" PC when I need to travel. As Neil Young once sang "He said it's old, but it's good/like any other primitive would..."
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    New weather panel on TaskBar after Win10 21H1

    Good to know; I literally never use tablet mode, so I missed that.
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    New weather panel on TaskBar after Win10 21H1

    Right-click on the taskbar, go to "news and interests" and select "Turn off."
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    Has anyone got some spare feet?

    Just in case anyone is following this--there is a cheap solution. $5 and the 4 feet were delivered by FedEx two days later. If you want to swap in a new drive, these are a highly recommended set of accessories... Long behold! Officially replacing rubber feet on a Surface Laptop 3 is easy but...
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    My laptop is warm in the morning...

    Traditionally, I have my machines set to hibernate after a period of time or when the lid is closed (depending). New to the SL3, I have similar settings in the power plan. BUT. They don't work. Often I'll come into my office in the morning, and the machine clearly has been running. It's...
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    Surface book tablet part connect Audio interface

    OK! Now I understand your situation... It's a pity that (AFAIK) that USB port on the Surface charger is power only. I expect that any of the Surface docks would support audio. They certainly do with Surface Pro tablets. If MS has updated their systems so that they don't work with the docks...
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    Surface book tablet part connect Audio interface

    I may be misunderstanding the question, but there are lots of little devices like this...
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    Greetings. The Arteck covers are quite good (I have one on a Surface Pro 3 that no longer responds to typecovers) but, IMO, the Microsoft keyboards are significantly better. Good luck with your Windows license!
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    Has anyone got some spare feet?

    I am about to upgrade the SSD in my SL3/i5 unit from 128GB to 512GB. I will try to preserve the feet, but it sounds like that could be iffy. I understand that Microsoft sells the feet, but only in quantity. This leads me to ask whether anyone here has a spare set or two of (platinum or black...
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    Docking station for Surface Laptop 3

    Dell WD19. Works perfectly with my new-to-me Surface Laptop 3. I guess I'll have to get one for the office, too.
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    Docking station for Surface Laptop 3

    I have an HP Envy 360 13" at home right now, and I'm supposed to get (today) an SL3 that will be my office machine. At home, the HP is plugged into a Dell power/adaptor unit via USB-C. My plan is to see if the same unit works with the SL3. It's really quite nice to have everything running off...
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    Replacement Type Cover - Non-Microsoft Options?

    I have an Arteck unit. One of the family SP3s stopped responding to any keyboard; all keyboards worked on other machines, so I got this one to "salvage" the problem SP3, and it works fine, with limits. It's bluetooth, so that means that it doesn't autmagically switch off when you go to tablet...
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    Type Cover firmware failure, any news?

    Ah, Surface problems. My wife has a Surface Pro 3 on which the keyboard vanished. Her typecover works with my SP3, my typecover doesn't work with her machine. Can't even use the keyboard in BIOS. What to do? I just bought an Arteck bluetooth type cover for her machine, and swapped her my...
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    HowTo Break (Pause) key on Surface Book 2

    Ah! Did not realize you were asking w/r/t VBA.
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    HowTo Break (Pause) key on Surface Book 2

    These are not the same thing...but traditionally, IIRC, ^C would work for break, and ^S for pause. This was the standard for CP/M and MS-DOS systems, and I believe still works in CMD and other command-line environments.
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    Dealing with a Broken Hinge -- Duct Tape?

    I ended up using aluminized duct tape...We'll have to see how well it holds up. If it doesn't, I'll get a case. I will say the difference between i3/4GB and i5/8GB is like night and day.
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    Dealing with a Broken Hinge -- Duct Tape?

    I recently picked up a Surface Pro 4 for cheap, to upgrade from my very minimal first exposure with the Surface Pro 3. The reason that the SP4 was cheap was that one of the kickstand hinges is broken. I thought about getting a case for it, but I like the small size of the SP. Then I had an...
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    Recommendations for a docking station cable

    I have an SP3 Dock (1664 I think, the one that you drop the SP3 into and slide to engage) you can have for the cost of shipping. It'll give you all the connections you need and then some. Aftermarket power supply included. NB: If this kind of post isn't permitted, please delete it and/or let...

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