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    Solved Reformat and reinstall Surface

    It worked. Thanks a lot. Really appreciate your help. Only thing, my surface did not have a volume button. So I had to go into the recovery mode by pressing shift key and restart, and then go into the option of using external device.
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    Solved Reformat and reinstall Surface

    Dear Sharpuser, I currently have no access to my laptop. It asks for my pin, which I am unable to give. Actually I bought this PC in Toronto two years ago. It had a face ID, so I never used the PIN, and have forgotten it. For some reason the face ID stopped working, and now I am required to give...
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    Solved Reformat and reinstall Surface

    Hi, I have lost the microsoft account pin for my surface laptop, and the retrieval phone number has already been cancelled. Microsoft is unable to verify my identity. So I am thinking to format the laptop and load a new windows 10. How can I do that? Please help

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