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    Camera does not turn on during startup after update

    Same thing happened to me. I fixed it by removing Windows Hello, restarted, and then enrolled again. Seems to be working fine right now.
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    A few issues: spacebar, detaching tablet in hibernate

    Hi everyone, I got some problems that I hope some of you can help me with. 1) Very annoying and I just noticed this for about 1 week: when typing in the Mail app and Edge, the spacebar is not responsive. Every other time I press the space bar I don't get a space. That is super annoying. Works...
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    Surface book battery issues

    Not sure why some of you are having such terrible battery life. I streamed 2.5hrs movie (screen off) via the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter and drained just 24% battery life. Also regular use, it is draining about 11% for every hour. It seems better than my SP3 battery life.
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    The Surface Book Saga

    Ok I see. In the past you could just buy it online without any examination.
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    The Surface Book Saga

    If I were you I would have just purchased the Complete Warranty, even after you dropped it. There is nothing unethical about that since Microsoft gives you 45 days after purchase to add the complete warranty. Have you tried to see if your credit card has Purchase Assurance? They may cover the...
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    Hinge problem when closing

    Has anyone else encounter this problem? When I close the clipboard quickly, I will hear the detach sound and the keyboard detach button lights up and then the "Attach" notification pops up. Seems as if there was a break in the connection between the clipboard and the keyboard. If I repeatedly...
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    Screen cracked

    It's not too late to buy the complete warranty. You have 45 days after purchase to get the complete warranty.
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    Stickerboy Black Ostrich Leather Protector

    how much weight does these skins add to the Surface Book? Is it noticeable?
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    Just got my Surface Book! Some issues but still positive experience

    I don't think the battery drain is related to Windows Hello because I still got about 6-7% drain in 30 min with it off and also with it on, there were times when I only had 1% drain in 30 min. On another note: damn it, I made a big scratch on the top cover (windows logo side) :(. It happened...
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    Just got my Surface Book! Some issues but still positive experience

    I just bought my Surface Book (came from a SP3). I purchased a i5 256GB GPU version and updated to all the latest updates. Overall, I am enjoying using it more than my SP3. Some positive points: The typing experience is fantastic on the keyboard The touchpad is also fantastic to use. Doesn't...
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    Battery drain in Connected Standby/ won't go to sleep

    I found the problem. It is due to Private Internet Access's VPN program. After uninstalling it everything went back to normal. Anyone here uses this program without this issue?
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    Battery drain in Connected Standby/ won't go to sleep

    Not sure what happened, but this all started after Feb 16th. Before that, in CS, I'd only lose 3-4% battery. There is now constant battery during connected standby and my SP3 won't go into deep sleep after 4 hrs of CS. Anyone know how to fix this? I attached screenshots of the battery report...
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    Battery capacity (mWh) dropping fast

    my SP3 256GB battery wear is at 3.1% according to battery bar with max capacity now at 40,850mWh. I had the device since launch.
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    Yellow hazy vertical line on left side of screen

    I also have this yellow hazy line on the left side. I noticed right when I got it. It doesn't normally bother me but I do notice it when using word or onenote especially when I hold it in portrait mode.
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    Solved HELP: New Surface Pro 3 issue (Replaced SP3)

    I would listen to what some here are saying and buy the Microsoft complete warranty coverage for $150. It will cover 2 accidental damages (there is a $50 deductible) over 2 years. You just bring it to a MS store in the mall and they will exchange a NEW one (not refurbished) for you on the spot...

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