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    Remove finger scrolling threshold?

    same here, but with the touch pad:
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    Touchpad lag on first touch. Can it be fixed?

    Same for me, I did a video showing how much i can move my finger until the pointer reacts !!! It's way too much. I wish someone could give a trick with a registry modd to prevent this delay.
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    Solved Dropbox link in mail attachment ?

    Nice and simple, i didn't think installing Dropbox MUI app would be the solution... Thanks a lot !
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    Solved Dropbox link in mail attachment ?

    Thanks for your help, i tried this little soft but i couldn't add dropbox to this menu:
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    Solved Dropbox link in mail attachment ?

    Sorry guys for the bad explanation... When i want to attach a document in the MUI mail app, a dialog box appears with few choices, one drive, computer, network but also included fresh pain who knows why :))) I would like to include dropbox folder to access it directly and not to "drill down" as...
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    Solved Dropbox link in mail attachment ?

    Hello, I am testing this SP3 at the moment, and find it a good alternative for both my old laptop and my ipad retina sold few month ago. However, I'm facing a couple of issues and one especially annoys me: When i use the default mail app from W8, if i need to join a file located on my dropbox...

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