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    Surface not detecting keyboard cover.

    Boy... without the keyboard... I hate the Surface. lol. What is a good,thin replacement keyboard I can use with the surface that has a touchpad and uses a BT connection?
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    Surface not detecting keyboard cover.

    Well I got back the Surface. Yup. Broken. They think it’s the hardware on the surface that connects the keyboard. So it’s $450 for a replacement. Not sure if I’m going to do that.
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    Surface not detecting keyboard cover.

    Aww man and I gave it to MS store to Troubleshoot. I won’t get it back till next week to try that. :(. Btw, I was in UEFI before and I saw keyboard on/off, and it was on. But I thought that was on the main screen. Maybe I didn’t go into devices?
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    Surface not detecting keyboard cover.

    I tried that and removed the HID I found for the keyboard. Nothing would reinstall since it's completely ignoring that I have the keyboard attached. I tried to reinstall windows. Nope. Keyboard still not recognized. I heard about the firmware glitch that caused the screen to go bad. (I...
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    Surface not detecting keyboard cover.

    Ah that was a good one. But it didn't work. I checked the little contacts and they were all clean. Since I know the keyboard is good. all that is left is the unit or software. is there a BIOS I can check?
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    Surface not detecting keyboard cover.

    So weird. One of those, "It was just working last night" kind of thing. I turned on my Surface Pro, got into windows, and nothing on the keyboard works. I have the: Surface Pro Type Cover with Fingerprint ID I took it to the Microsoft store. They tried another keyboard on my Surface, and it...
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    SDXC UHS-II memory card speed.

    I'm trying to figure out if it's worth spending the extra $$ for a SD card UHS-II that's almost $200 for 300MB read and 200+Write for my Sony 7rIII. Or buy the microSDXC UHS-II that's about $80 less but read is ~250MB and write is ~100MB. But if I get the microSDXC at least I can just pop it...
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    Took the plunge. SB2 15" 512GB RAM .... Awesome Device!!

    I thought it's the pen that has part of the additional features, which is why if you buy a new pen, and at a LATER date, if firmware is updated, the SP can get the tilt feature. But it's hardware in the newest SP that allows more pressure and pen detection smoothness.
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    CPU testing SB2 15in w/i5 vs i7

    Lol. Well that answers that. If I ever upgrade my SP2, it'll have to be the i7. No use worrying about it now.
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    CPU testing SB2 15in w/i5 vs i7

    Did anybody do a testing between the two processors? Trying to figure out if the speed difference is noticeable. Or can you only get the higher GPU w/i7? I haven't checked MS website recently.. Mostly I do photo editing, web browsing. And on the side video playback (movies) and gaming. But...
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    SP5- wish

    Although the battery would suck, I really hope the next SP5 comes with a real Nvidia GPU. I think most of the video type issues I had was compatibility with a non-standard GPU. I really like the SB 15in. But it's WAY bigger than something I want, so it's a "want" but not a "must have". And...
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    Battery drain on Edge

    Sorry for not responding. Yup everything is up to date. I haven't used a different browser. I'll try that next time I have a free day to play around with the unit. Pretty sure the issue was more with "flash" or "HTML5" gfx running in the browser. But still hurts that it draws enough power...
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    Nvidia drivers

    gman713- Shame on you. How can you NOT open the SB now that you have it. lol. I would've at least taken it out, ran all updates and made sure the unit free from defects. :)
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    CPU Throttling on 15 inch Surface Book 2 after 1709?

    They always stressed the SP/SB wasn't a gaming laptop, but always showed that it COULD play some games. And this time around, using an actual Nvidia chipset in the SB, they made it more compatible with the xbox/live games. But even with that, they didn't gear it for the gamer, I thought they...
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    Battery drain on Edge

    One thing I'm amazed still is the battery drain while using Edge (could be with other browsers, but I was using Edge). I was on a site that had ads (not unlike this site) and after a few mins the SP4 i7 got warm, fan kicks on. I checked CPU and it was going from 2%-19%. Within 15mins, I was...

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