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    Surface screen somewhat yellow!!

    Same thing with mine. Had two now with the same issue. Have you changed the display settings to reduce the red and green/blue balance? That solved the yellow issue but created random flickering of the device.
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    Surface book 2 screen flicker

    I bought a new surface book 2 around 6 weeks ago and the colour was too warm/yellow . I changed the display settings so there was less red and blue and the screen would intermittently flicker. I returned it . Got a brand new one from somewhere else. Same thing in that the screen is way too...
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    Increasing two finger scroll speed in Chrome

    On my SP3 the scroll was much faster in Chrome. I have tried increasing number of lines within mouse settings, but nothing changes. Am I looking at the wrong page?
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    Ouch this thing burns!!!

    I will see what happens within the next two days before deciding what to do. Thanks
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    Ouch this thing burns!!!

    set it up today and have chrome with three tabs open. It burns in tablet mode. Please tell me this is not normal?
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    Upgrade from SP3 i5 8GB 256GB?

    I have the SP3 i5, 8GB, 256GB and Amazon have the new Pro i5, 8GB, 128GB plus keyboard for 750GBP. I use it for browsing mainly, but like to take it away for travels etc. Only issues with this one are battery life and the fact battery drains whilst in sleep mode (or even off). Does the new...
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    New 'lappable keyboard' Brydge

    Brydge lets you type on the Surface Pro 4 in style - Page 3 Looks very interesting. As my hinge isn't working that great this could be a good alternative.
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    Broken Kickstand

    @kayzee , good idea. I will have a look. @jnjroach I've had a look and can't find any that deliver over here. MS will not be getting that amount for a replacement though. This is already a replacement and has lasted 4 months. I'll wait for the SP5 before stumping up any huge amounts on the...
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    Broken Kickstand

    Sad times. The black connector on one side of the kickstand came loose today and came out of the socket. One side is fine, but the other needs fixing or replacing. I'm out of warranty, but wondering if there was any advice on what to do? It's pretty useless without use of the kickstand :/
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    New LGC battery problem?

    Surface Pro 3 plagued by yet another battery problem Mine currently sits at 41,754 from a design capacity of 42,157. This is a replacement refurbished unit and has the LGC battery. It has also been plugged in for a while at has stayed at 99% and 'not charging'. Anyone had actual issues with...
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    Surface Pro 3 and Chrome battery life improvement

    Since the release of Chrome's new update I have found that the battery lasts a lot longer on my SP3. Battery says 8 hours and 25 minutes remaining so far (25% brightness) and I have had Chrome open for an hour. Good news :D
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    Surface Pro 3 battery life??

    My report opens in Chrome by default.
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    Surface Pro 3 battery life??

    This page helps you see what battery you have: How to Determine the Battery Manufacturer Installed in Your Surface Pro 3
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    Surface Pro 3 battery life??

    Yes there are a few threads about it. You may have a Simplo battery and MS is aware of the issue and will provide a software fix which will hopefully fix it :)
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    New Owner. A Mistake?

    Yeah go and exchange it and see what happens. Sounds like some weird issues. The chrome commands can be found with google search.

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