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    Orginal Surface Pro video output

    It might have been a micro hdmi to hdmi adapter. It's about the same size as a mini usb.
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    Surface Pro 2 Power Cover?

    You could also swipe from top down to close the game.
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    Any good Car Charger?

    I think he's just confused.
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    Surface 3... what do you want!?

    Didn't know my post would start such a heated debate. I was just going with the topic of the thread which is "what do you want in the surface 3". I'm sure we can all agree that no one here will complain if they can make the next version lighter and thinner. Like someone else said, even if not...
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    Anyone successfully using XBMC for MKV files on SP2?

    I'm running it on my SP1 perfectly fine so I'm sure you can too on the SP2. What causes the lag are most likely your audio out functions. Check your setup to make sure it's outputting correctly. This is my setup: SP to HDMI switch to TV and TOSLINK out from HDMI switch to sound bar for Dolby...
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    Surface 3... what do you want!?

    I hope they don't keep the same dimensions for the Pro 3. That's the biggest complaint right now is thickness and weight. Everything else is perfect for me. If they can just make it thinner and lighter, it would be perfect. Considering it's the 3rd generation, they should have a new body for it.
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    Vertical yellow line on the rigt side of the screen after 6 months on pro.....

    Where did you buy it? I took mine in to MS store and they swapped it out immediately without even confirming it since I told them it takes a while until the screen gets hot enough for it to show up. This was about 6 months ago. The new one (brand new, not refurbished) is working like a charm.
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    Playstation 4 wireless controller works excellent for surface pro

    Same here. If it works without the dongle then great since I plan on getting a XB1. If not then I'll have to get a DS4 to use with the SP.
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    very intresting video on the Surface 2

    Awesome video. Thanks for posting it.
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    Miracast Works on Surface 2

    I believe some LG has the standard miracast built in for this years models. Samsung has their own version called allshare cast, but it only works with Samsung devices.
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    Microsoft seriously considering TRADE-UP program for keyboards...

    Same for me. I want the lightest most portable machine that can still give me good processing power and SP blows away everything else when it comes to that. Screen and keyboard size are non issues. I would never buy a SP with a Bay Trail over a Haswell because the Haswell offers so much more...
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    For something like this, I would recommend getting directly from MS because the customer service is spectacular if you ever have any problems with it. If not then at least get it from a b&m store nearby.
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    Counter Strike 1.6 - Poor Performace?

    How you manage that? Source only runs at around 40 on mine with max settings. I figure GO would run even less than that. Are you running on lower settings?
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    Game controller options

    I got the Nyko one that came out late last year. It connects and recognizes as a controller pad, but the input wasn't working correctly.
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    Who is pre-ordering? And which model are you pre-ordering?

    As much as I want the 256/8 upgrade. I think I will wait also. The SP1 is still working great and I'm really interested in a lighter form factor. Hopefully they'll be able to drop the weight on the SP3 and make it thinner. Instant buy if they can get those two for me next year.

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