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    Why jumps to same SW diff window when I close one

    Thanks for the clarification. Windows will indeed revert to the next window in the same application (Excel, Word, etc.) instead of switching to the last window you used. That is by design. However, try repeatedly using the ALT+TAB combination with your left hand, which will switch through...
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    Why jumps to same SW diff window when I close one

    Applications such as Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and many graphics or photo editing utilities operate in a multiple window environment, with each window keeping the overall application open. If two Excel spreadsheets are open, for example, closing one will not simply close the other. However, to...
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    My Surface Pro 7 thinks the Battery is Gone

    I have successfully used this trick. It works because the Surface battery protection circuitry gets confused whether it needs to charge, or shut down. Because of this, it refuses a charge, except for a tiny trickle, which is necessary to operate that very circuitry. After several hours, the...
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    Surface Pen stopped working but the eraser works.

    Howdy, Rango. Your video shows that the Surface is sometimes reading the position of the tip. Pull the nib (the tip of the pen) straight out with your fingers, then push it back in. Try writing with any other app, such as "paint" if you still cannot get it working.
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    New owner, underwhelmed...

    I purchased two Surface Book 2 15” 1TB devices in 2016 for use as my production geophysical workstation, and a backup. The SB2s are brilliant and reliable machines, and worth every gold coin. I have Macs too. I like Apples AND oranges. Still no touch screen on them, though, and far less...
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    Unable to solve Windows 10 issue!

    @Johnlangdon - Welcome. Your link was removed per site rules. We cannot just tell you that results you found on Google will work for you. With more specific details as to your problems, including whether you are having issues with Surface devices, Surface enthusiasts may be able to help.
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    My Surface Typecover Is Not Working Properly

    I think @GreyFox7 is diagnosing the likely error well. It could be that you are using heavy action with your hands while typing, perhaps heavier than most people type. Nevertheless, Microsoft should design the keyboard to handle any stress, if this is indeed the problem.. If you replace the...
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    Sp3 to HP USB C dock

    Glad you got it sorted. Nice monitor!
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    Sp3 to HP USB C dock

    If the monitor is made to be Display 1, you should be able to fill its screen. You can choose which display shows the task bar.
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    Sp3 to HP USB C dock

    I think the display cable should connect your SP3 to the monitor, not to the dock. Or maybe I'm confused ...
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    Windows 11 - No Hibernate After Sleep Setting?

    Indeed, the ability to adjust when and if the hibernate mode starts is missing from Windows 11.
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    Screen won't turn on again

    Okay, then I think it is time for a "Reset my PC", "Keep my files" option. Seems you have a driver configuration a bit off.
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    Screen won't turn on again

    Make sure that SP7 has clean ports. If a connection is dirty or has some kind of obstructing debris, the SP7 may not detect that the lid is opening.
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    Screen won't turn on again

    Which Surface device are you referring to?
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    thinking about buying a surface pro 3 have questions

    The Surface Pro 3 will certainly be running with Windows 11, not 8 or 10. And the machine is much more clumsy for watching Youtube videos. I recommend an Amazon Fire, Galaxy Tab, or Apple iPad. Your original question included a query about reliability. The Surface Pro 3 requires more...