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    Merging the Surface Pro and the Surface Book

    Wouldn't it just make sense for the Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Book 2 be the same thing? Really, I love my Surface Pro 3. I especially love the kickstand so that I can fold the keyboard up and have it take up much less surface area (no pun intended) on my counter. The only thing it really...
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    Digitize Cassette Tapes from Deck to SP3

    To start your search, try googling any of the following: MOTU, RME, Sound Blaster, M-Audio. That's just for starters as there are dozens of options. You only need one USB port but yes, most will work with a hub. I do not use audacity but most likely, there is a place in their options menu to...
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    Digitize Cassette Tapes from Deck to SP3

    For an number of reasons, your method isn't going to work very well. Find yourself an external DA/AD USB converter (there are literally dozens to choose from) and attach your deck that way. If this isn't something you normally need, check Craig's list for professional audio interfaces people...
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    Surface Book - Enough is Enough - Back to Apple I go.

    One would think that of those thousands of configurations, they would be sure the 6 or so they offer with their name on them would be flawless.
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    Windows 10...not impressed.

    Couldn't agree more. The Mail app is a huge step backwards from an already half-ass mail client from 8.1. It doesn't even tell you how many unread emails there are in each mail account when you look at your list of accounts...
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    Windows 10...not impressed.

    Here's another fun thing (yes, I'm using MS feedback to gripe as well). Mail automatically setup an account called AOL. Unfortunately, it isn't my AOL account. It is an Outlook account that doesn't exist and can't be deleted from the mail accounts. Awesome.
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    Windows 10...not impressed.

    Ok, I know. I'm going to be THAT guy. Got my Surface Pro 3 upgraded to Windows 10 and so far, I'm not impressed. It's Windows 8.1 with a more flexible start menu. System settings are still spread out over two different interfaces (really????) Edge doesn't import anything from Firefox...
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    Ear buds with microphones?

    Take a look at the ones from NHT. They sound and feel great and I hate ear buds as a rule.
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    Surface Pro 3 i5 or i7

    If you are just doing wire frame views, i5 will be fine. Any sort of shading or lighting, get the i7. I use my i7 with a real time lighting simulator and it does fairly well. Still nowhere near my desktop of course...but better than I thought once the newest graphics driver came out.
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    Anyone carry a portable USB hub with their SP3?

    I just bought this: The power supply is a bit...
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    To Surface Pro 3 (or wait)

    Well, when was the last time you really needed an optical drive while you were away from your desktop? About the only thing I use optical drives for these days is to rip movies I own to my file server. Don't let windows 10 be a factor. You will actually like 8.1 a whole lot more on your...
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    Camera will not initialize

    Have you ever attempted to change the location of your default Pictures folder? If so, that is what is crashing your camera. When it can't find the stupid hidden system folder that gets moved when you change where you want to put your pictures, the silly program just stops. Microsoft at their...
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    linking to google calendar

    Thanks for that!
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    Left and right finger swipes in desktop apps

    What happened to left and right swiping in desktop apps? Worked just fine in Windows 7 but seems to be missing in Windows 8. Makes browsing in Firefox much less touch friendly.
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    Best Music Player

    I use MediaMonkey on all my Windows devices. Absolutely the best for management.

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