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    Type Cover problem?

    Store ones are the same. It's the two finger scrolling sensitivity I want to change. It frequently registers a two finger scroll as just a mouse movement which is extremely irritating when scrolling through a document.
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    Microsoft set to bring 256GB Surface Pro to North America for $1,199.99

    I wonder when MS will release a Haswell version. I'm thinking that they will announce/launch with the office launch of 8.1.
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    Invisible Micro SD Card

    The SP is a bit finicky with SD cards I've found. I've got a 32GB SANDISK one that does something similar to what you describe, and a 32GB Samsung one that's fine. Both work in other devices just fine.
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    Type Cover problem?

    Yeah, tried that. No options in increase the sensitivity of the pad. I guess it's just a hardware issue.
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    Type Cover problem?

    I've installed that and it just says "No Device Detected". Not sure how you got it to work with your type cover. The unresponsive scroll is driving me nuts now. It's a shame that MS just couldn't get either cover right. Type cover has unresponsive scrolling. Touch cover has a delay when...
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    Right mouse button on Type cover finicky?

    Both touchpads have issues. The type cover has finicky multi-touch which makes two finger scrolling and right mouse clicking hit and miss. The touch cover has a 1 second delay when transitioning from scrolling to moving the pointer and vice versa. It's really annoying. I have both covers and...
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    Type Cover problem?

    I have both Type and Touch covers. Type cover doesn't have the "pause" after you scroll but the touchpad itself is less responsive to 2 finger scrolling. Personally, I think both are flawed. Maybe MS will release updated versions when the next generation of Surface is released.
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    And its out of stock...

    I guess we now know why it was a US and Canada launch only and not world-wide. They obviously didn't/couldn't make enough to satisfy demand. Pretty poor show in my opinion. It would be interesting to know exactly how many Surfaces Pro were actually made available for sale. We'll never know...
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    Very thorough review on the Pro

    That Ubergizmo review makes for interesting reading. The battery test is especially interesting and if accurate, makes it look like MS were fairly conservative with their estimates of 4.5hrs. If it can last a solid 6hrs of productivity (Office, web, etc) that's more than enough to last me...
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    Office Apps

    Which office apps? Word, Excel, Powerpoint and One Note are included with the Surface RT.
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    When will we be able to order?

    No release date has been announced. Could be any time after the US launch. I'd like to know the answer too.
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    Surface Pro Available on Feb 9th.

    I guess I'll be importing one from the US then. A shame there's no UK release date.
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    microsoft surface battery life

    I left mine in my bag from Friday through to Tuesday and it had lost 60% of the battery in that time. The standby times are pretty good.
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    Games on Surface Pro

    It'll be OK for some games. Looking back in time the HD4000 is about on a par with a GeForce 7900GT which was a great card in it's day. I used to run WoW on Ultra settings on one of those back in the TBC days at 1920x1200. So yeah, I would expect Source Engine games to run fine at medium to high...
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    First Hands On Article for Surface Pro

    Interesting. Some good new info in that article too. The slot for cooling sounds good and the pen attachment to the side is interesting, although I think in practise most will store the pen in a pocket or something. They just need to hurry up and get the pre-order page up so I can give them money.

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