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    display aspect ratio.

    if I change VLC to 16:10 it is a little stretched and the black lines are only about 1/4 of an inch but is there a way to make VLC remember this choice so I don't have to do it every time? Cheers
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    WiFi issue.

    Hello all. keep having a problem with my pro 3. it keep dropping the wifi. I am on one page watching a tv program/film etc and when I open a tab it says not connected but I must be connected as the first page is still running. if I then close all pages and try to restart internet explorer I get...
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    display aspect ratio.

    Hello. when I watch tv shows or movies through BBC iplayer VLC player or Windows media player in full screen mode I get a black line at the top and bottom of the screen about an inch each. is there a way of sorting this? or this this because of the 3.2 aspect ratio? thank you
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    hello all.

    Hello. My name is Paul and I am in Cornwall UK. Just purchase a surface pro 3 i5 256gb 8gb of ram with the navy blue type cover and the arc Bluetooth mouse.