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    Best Music Player

    I agree that Foobar2000 and J Rivers are the best music players for Windows 8.1 but to get the most out of it on the surface pro 3 you MUST use an external dac that has an ASIO driver. The built-in DAC is pretty limited and not clean as is the Windows audio infrastructure without bypassing via...
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    Wireless screen sharing between PCs

    As of the last update, the surface pro 3 has a built-in API to act as a miracast receiver though I know of no programs that have been created to date to take advantage of it.
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    Highest quality portable audio solution

    Again, the thread is about a "portable" solution.
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    Surface Pro with Power Cover Not Using Cover Battery First

    I had this problem once. I noticed it when in the battery icon, the cover battery did not show up at all and was thus not being used. disconnecting and reconnecting fixed the issue.
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    Highest quality portable audio solution

    That same company makes a $31,000 DAC. That is expensive! Da Vinci DAC The Surface Pro 128 was over $1000 new. Is that expensive?
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    SanDisk 128GB Micro SDXC works

    I just purchased and installed the SanDisk 128GB Micro SDXC card and it works well. I moved my data from a 64GB Micro SDXC that I had in there before and all is great.
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    Highest quality portable audio solution

    Yes, I do have one. I have also purchased an Audioquest Firefly, Meridian Director, Cambridge Dac Magic, and Audioengine DAC. I tested all of them out and the GeekOut is the most flexible and best sounding solution for getting inexpensive, high quality audio out of a USB port. I kept the GeekOut.
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    Highest quality portable audio solution

    First of all, it is a very high quality DAC (digital to analog converter) and class A amplifier. If you put an optical out (digital), you would do away with its best feature. They also include a 6" usb extender cable with the geekout. You can use that if you don't want it hanging onto the...
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    Highest quality portable audio solution

    Yet people will spend $400 on an ipod that sounds awful in comparison?
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    Highest quality portable audio solution

    If you want your SurfacePro to be the best quality portable audio player: 1. Purchase a Geekout by LH Labs. Geek by LH Labs 2. Install the Geekout ASIO driver 3. Install Foobar2000 and add the ASIO input/output components 4. Install the Foobar2000 SACD and DVD-Audio components At this point...
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    Additional Touch Gestures Needed on the Surface Pro

    Thanks. It looks like this will be an excellent addition.
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    Windows Media Player

    Windows key + r wmplayer.exe
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    So long, it's been fun...

    How is the pressure sensitive pen input for drawing and note taking?
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    Question about which model I should buy

    For the stylus use alone, you should buy the pro. You can find it used for pretty cheap now

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