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    USB-C Docking Station for Surface Book 2

    I use an i-Tec docking station. I've had up to 4 (5 with SB2 monitor on) monitors running with no issues. Unless your shooting for a 5k model, they cost a lot less than the MS docking station and have provided me with years of reliable use. Easily found on any big name online store. The model I...
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    Why so many problems with my Surface Pro 3?

    You hit a nail on its head with the removal of any Detachable storage devices during a Windows Update..... My SB2 and SP4 failed a few times until I actually wrote down the failure codes, looked them up & removed my detachable storage. For some reason, the latest update just doesn't like my...
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    New owner, underwhelmed...

    As mentioend - not trying to change minds here, but I dropped the €3575 on the top of the line Surface Book 2 and I have zero complaints. In all honesty, I don't have a Mac anything to compare the SB2 with , but I do have a few Android Devices. (Love my new S10 Plus) The MS Store is filled...
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    Surface Go - Face Recognition function not working - After 1903

    Glad to hear that it sounds as though your on the right track to resolve the issue.
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    Salty story ahead

    I have heard the "horror" stories from others when dealing with MS Support. Each of my experiences have been prompt, professional and all around a good experience. Sadly it seems, when monster sized companies mass produce products - a few bad apples will make it to the shelf and ultimately wind...
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    Why is my desktop using up so much hard drive space?

    If the "Holly" file didn't resolve your issue - Try downloading and installing/running 'TreeSize' (Free Version) which will render a more detailed explanation of the contents of hard drive files. Once TreeSize has been ran, use your right-click menu (See Attached Pic) and perhaps use the...
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    Surface Book 2 Pen issue

    Under your Bluetooth Devices in Settings - is the battery level indicated there? I'm not near my computer, but if memory serves me correctly - the battery levels of each Bluetooth Device(s) is listed. Additionally, for further troubleshooting avenues - I read somewhere that the Surface pen can...
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    My Surface Book i7... Some keys stopped working

    WOW! Thank you for the pictures and robust response! Have you thought of (and I am sure you have) using a multi-meter to test the connectivity (pin-out) of the welds you mentioned? Understood that your dealing with micro-circuitry and often times a multi-meters leads are often times too big...
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    My Surface Book i7... Some keys stopped working

    Thanks for the replies - I have been following this thread for awhile now and my curiosity is peaked - If you have time, could you possibly take a few pictures of your keyboard repair? I more than understand if time does not permit, or it is too much of a hassle. More than anything I wonder what...
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    My Surface Book i7... Some keys stopped working

    This might be a stupid thought and redundant to say the least - But has anyone with the effected missing (not working) keys, attempted to put the Surface Book into clipboard mode? Ejecting the screen and putting it on backwards to see if this by some SLIM chance causes the keys and the connector...
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    SP4 Settings, Control Center Freeze

    Have you tried to un-install/reinstall the Surface Pro 4 Drivers? If you can, use the link below to download the latest drivers for your machine. Once downloaded, open the file, when prompted - remove (See picture) , reboot, then of course - reinstall. Hopefully your machine won't freeze up...
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    Glitchy after last update

    I am running Windows 1903 and much to my pleasant surprise, both my Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro 4 are running noticeably faster and seemingly more stable. This combined with many visual (GUI) upgrades - means good things are headed to Windows Pro users. rennwerkes - Have you...
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    Surface Book 2 Pen issue

    I had this same issue awhile back - I did all of the solutions previously mentioned in this article to to end. What finally worked for me was a combination of un-installing/re-installing the Surface Book 2 Drivers - rebooting when prompted - Then I headed on over to the Bluetooth section under...
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    Jumped onboard

    Good news is, once you update - the Recovery Drive will also update to 1809, so if you have to reset your machine, you won't need to update to 1809 each time. I have been using Windows since Windows 1.o mid 1985. (Man I am old) and I have stuck with it. I am here to tell you, Microsoft has...
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    Surface Book / Book 2 - Same Dock?

    I use an I-Tech docking station and run 3 external monitors (using the USB-C/HDMI adapter as well). Works great, I have also heard great things about the Surface Dock as well.

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