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    Docking station issue

    My Surface Book is connected to a docking station and has been for years. I use the Surface to edit videos in PD and Pr and photos in Ps, Lr. Recently however PD is behaving badly. Also, when I unplug the docking station windows crashes and has to be rebooted, I'm sure the docking station is...
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    AT WITS END!! re Pre Pr and Suface Book

    What can I do? I've posted here and on the Adobe Pr Pro forum but no one is having this problem, apparently, but me. I took the computer the MS Store and showed them what was happening, they got the same results. They told me the tablet battery wasn't charging, which I was aware of but I...
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    Attention: Premiere Pro users; HELP

    After I uninstalled Pr, rebooted, and re-installed Pr the issue with the preferences and File menu cleared up
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    Attention: Premiere Pro users; HELP

    When I close Pr it will not open again until I go to the Task Manager and remove Pr from the "Background Processes". I don't understand why it does this, but it's very consistent. What is also consistent is Pr response to clicking File. Every time I click File Pr goes into a tailspin and...
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    Attention: Premiere Pro users; HELP

    I just posted the following question on the Adobe/Pre forum. "Can I re-arrange clips in a Bin. The answer was; "Yes, ... drag and drop". But I had already tried that and the clips didn't move. So I went to my old tower and tried dragging and dropping images in a Bin, and it worked just as...
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    Attention: Premiere Pro users; HELP

    I am so frustrated by how unstable Pre Pro is, on my SB, and why, on my much less powerful tower, that came with Windows 98 and is currently running Windows 10 these issues do not occur. There are times when I am editing clips on my SB and everything appears to be running smoothly until I...
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    Missing NVidia control panal

    M IT service did a "tuneup" and now I can't find the NVideo Control panel in the system Control Panel. Can someone tell me how I can get it back?
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    This might be a silly question

    Thanks I went there and found it but it will not open. I see if it will open after a reboot.
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    Docking station: overheating/sound drop off

    In the past few months, I've experienced sudden drops in sound levels for no appealing reason. I've r/o system issues; this started happening with my original SB and continues to happen with my new (replacement) SB. I've also r/o problems with my external Boaz system. When it happens and...
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    This might be a silly question

    How do you access the NVIDEA control Panel? I tried typing NVIDEA and searching my program list but I've not found it.
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    Adobe Premiere - GPU not working

    Since I got the SB replacement I have had no problem running Premiere Pro.
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    Sound volume drop off

    Makes sense, I'll go online and pick up one. Thanks fyi I've been on my computer for several hours and there has been no sound drop off. /-:
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    Sound volume drop off

    I have all the things the docking station is designed for; a BOSE speaker system with its own power supply, a SSD, and an external monitor. I've had this setup for years without any sound issues. This is a fairly new occurrence, it started about 2 months ago and totally baffled me. I'm...
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    Sound volume drop off

    I was setting up my recently replaced SB when the sound volume suddenly dropped off, which used to happen with my original SB. Eventually, the volume returned, as it always did on my original SB, but why is this happening again, on a brand new machine. Just like it did on the old one? I...
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    Need a Hi Res Surface compatible monitor

    Thanks for taking the time to address my post and thanks for the link. I was mostly concerned with compatibility. What screen resolution I should be looking at and how much tweaking should expect to have to do if I choose a resolution that isn't compatible with my SB display. I the past I...

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