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    Swollen -Bulging Batteries In Surface products

    There has already been a class action suit against the Surface Pro 4 in the consumer's favor. Microsoft is very sensitive to this battery bulging issue. They replaced two of my Surface Pro 4s long after the warranty was over. You need to really push Surface support on this issue.
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    Surface Pro 7 quits after the Windows logo starts

    I have had this happen with my Surface Pro 7. Somehow, as if by magic, however, it would start working again. If it simply won't start up I would really push Surface support to do something. They seem to be very sensitive about Surface Pro 7 issues, but you really need to go after them. If one...
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    Notes from a long time Surface user

    Update: Since I wrote the above remarks several days ago, Microsoft has reconsidered and will now let me swap out my one year old (plus one month) Surface Pro 7 for a new (reconditioned) one. They will not exchange the 5th generation unit however, saying it is too old, despite the dismal battery...
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    Notes from a long time Surface user

    As a long-time Surface user (since Surface 3), I am going to go on a (modified) rant here (but I'll be nice, I promise). I hope this will be of use to anyone considering purchasiing a Surface. I want to say at the outset, the Surface is a computer that I hate to love. When they work, they are...

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