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  • I used to remote into a Windows Enterprise Machine to use Outlook and OneNote, but with 8.1 I don't need to do that anymore. We all have Windows x86 machines, I have a 13" Samsung Ultrabook, my son has a Quad Xeon Workstation in hos room and my wife has a 15" Laptop.

    I use my Surface RT as my primary machine and use the Ultrabook for just a few tasks, really IE and Office are m most important it doesn't hold me back. My son couldn't use it only as he has x86 games he plays.
    We are, I pre-ordered mine and it was delivered around 9:30 AM PDT on October 26th (Launch Day), my wife saw it and wanted one so I went to the MS Store and waited in line for 2 hours to get her one with Type Cover and m son started taking hers to school so we bought him one about a month later. Mine is has the Cyan Touch Cover, my son's has the Red Touch Cover and my Wife has the Type...

    My son uses it for casual gaming and schoolwork, I use my for wife doesn't use it that much really.
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