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    i5 Surface Pro upgrade to i5 Surface Pro 3

    You will see a lot more on the screen, as it's both bigger and higher res. Performance will be a bit better, but the main draw doubling, or perhaps even more than doubling your battery life. I also really noticed the thinness.
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    undervolting, thermal throttling and related topics

    I wouldn't mess with the voltages, as SP3 is already very specialized. The benchmarks provided by Intel will vary with device - we are seeing this more and more now, with drastic differences in Core M performance, due to the build of the devices. SP3 is very thin considering the 15W processor...
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    What Panos says about SP4 - "Nothing"

    The i7 desktop parts are a lot more powerful than the i7 ultrabook parts. The i5s on the desktop are also much better than the i7 ultrabook parts. The xbox uses an AMD chip, it’s an APU. An APU is the CPU with a good GPU on the same chip. AMD chips don't really stand up to Intel that well, and...
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    What Panos says about SP4 - "Nothing"

    None of the Surface devices have the CPU power I need to enjoy my games. I wouldn't need to build a comparable PC, I would need to build one that is much more powerful, and I have. It can be the one device some people need, but it cannot handle all of the work I need it to, and for me, a GPU...
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    Help with my Surface Pro 3 Pen

    Remove and re-insert the AAAA battery. If this doesn't work, then replace the AAAA battery.
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    The Surface 3 waiting room

    It's above 1080p, but it's nice to have good build quality. You will have to wait for the Anandtech review. I'm personally quite looking forward to it. Something Microsoft really needs to do is improve the performance of their tablet browser, as IE Metro feels a bit slow, but now we have to...
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    What Panos says about SP4 - "Nothing"

    I should clarify then. When you mention external GPU, I assume you mean as a part of the dock - something that is for stationary computing, powered from the wall. It will also depend on what you plan to play, as any decent graphics card will be bottlenecked by the CPU. Games I play like...
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    Does SP3 Type cover have a numlock?

    Numlock is used when you have a numberpad. Since there is no numberpad, there is no numlock.
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    What Panos says about SP4 - "Nothing"

    I doubt it would be worth the money. At that stage, you have a device that is no longer portable - you have a desktop. Probably better off building one.
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    What Panos says about SP4 - "Nothing"

    I hate TechCrunch. But the AMA was decent. They didn't answer the biggest question which was about Windows Hello in future devices.
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    WOW! It's available!

    That is speculation. The official release is for summer.
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    WOW! It's available!

    Briefly considered buying one for my mum, but I think she is better with my Pro 2. She is getting my Pro 3 when I get a Pro 4 anyway so no need to complicate things further.
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    WOW! It's available!

    Windows 10 is expected this Summer, which ends in September.
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    Solved Pen/drawing issue along bottom!

    I think there are some things they either don't know or aren't able to admit. Always reset the calibration though. Actually calibrating it will always break it, for some reason.
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    The Surface 3 waiting room

    Personally I would have put Surface and the Microsoft logo, in that order. Not sure why you would avoid the Surface branding.

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