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    Micosoft Windows Defender versus Norton 360

    might try just defender but will sure miss Norton's password manager.
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    Micosoft Windows Defender versus Norton 360

    would love to hear this myself. Every time I go into a Microsoft store (just really luck I have one in my neighborhood), whether its for support, training or something else, first thing they say when they look at my surface is what the heck to do you have Norton just bogs down your...
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    No sound with 2nd monitor

    just picked up a 2nd monitor. Seems when I plug it in, all sound is gone. Unplug it, and its back. connection is to a hdmi. appreciate any insights
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    Windows Hello isn't available on this device man show. Does this have something to do with my recent change from an imap account to office for business with exchange?
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    Windows Hello isn't available on this device

    shows me accessing my main business account. exactly what happens if I disconnect? do I loose my email in outlook?
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    Windows Hello isn't available on this device

    Jeff, never new I had it, and definitely no idea what it is. So obviously, no clue how to remove it.
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    Windows Hello isn't available on this device

    one man IT department. Just need to figure out what changed as this worked perfectly at the beginning.
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    Windows Hello isn't available on this device

    honestly, between Jeff and Afy, totally clueless what to do at this point as
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    Windows Hello isn't available on this device

    so I thought I'd play around with windows hello and facial sign in. I remember it working at the beginning when I first got my SP4, but that was a while ago. I now go to my sign-in settings and see a message that it is available on this device - see attached. Googled around, couldn't find...
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    End of surface?

    they finally get something not only right...but almost perfect, totally surpasses anything from Apple....and then abandon it? Say it ain't so.
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    Bluprints & engineering

    i'd be curious what others might suggest - see nothing so far. However for my money, Microsoft Visio is absolutely my choice for architectural drawing. Been using it for years, it is so intuitive, just can't believe Microsoft doesn't push it as a cadd tool. It's almost BIM like...
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    Microsoft to announce new Surface Products on October 31st

    just gotta finally be the pbone. Cancelling my preorder for the note 8 just because of this
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    can we take screenshot without snip tool?

    why not just use the windows ink tool. perfect for what you want
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    Construction/building app?

    autocadd is a very very steep learning curve - even the LT version. In my opinion, best solution is actually Microsoft's own product - Visio. and worth getting the professional version. Its all drag and drop and extremely easy to learn. They continue to update it, but have missed the boat in...
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    Solved surface mouse brings up settings menu by itself

    well the compressed air didn't work. But I notice that on the left side of the left button in the thin space between the button and the mouse body there was a thin piece of black plastic starting to stick out. I brought it into the Microsoft store - I'm one of the lucky ones to have one 15...

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