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    Battery Life

    Thanks. As I mentioned via edits above, I had picked up a SL2 but returned it for a ThinkPad. Battery life is very good though AR sucks, imo, that is!
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    Surface laptop not that popular?

    I have a SP4 (though the battery is far below optimal now after a few years of hard use). It currently serves as my back up machine. I did buy a SL2 recently but returned it after 2 days. My main reason was the alcantara keyboard. Having been a dedicated Surface user over the years, I have found...
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    Jumped aboard the SB 2 train.

    Fascinating! Great that things worked out for you (and your GF). I also had a similar experience with MS recently, but it was about a refund to an OS upgrade. At first, they denied my request. But then I messaged Mr. Nadella on LinkedIn and lo behold! In short order, I got a call from their...
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    Anyone else have problems with the i5 SP6 feeezing up every day?

    Have you tried resetting it (which is a pain, I know!)?
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    Jumped aboard the SB 2 train.

    Can you share what exactly happened to your SP4? Thanks
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    Just got the Surface Laptop2

    Just got my ThinkPad (X1C6). I would have posted a few pics, but this is a Surface forum!! My SP4 is now doing duty as a back-up machine - usually plugged into the wall given the state of the battery.
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    Just got the Surface Laptop2

    Well, I use the SP4 (with the KB) - on an average - for about 7-8 hours a day...everyday. I also personally prefer the 3:2 AR. The SL2 also had a nice AR but I have since returned it. I have opted to go with the ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Gen 6) - yet to receive it though. Fingers crossed though I have...
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    Just got the Surface Laptop2 I am having second thoughts about this laptop. Why? Because of the keyboard. While the typing experience is excellent, the place where my wrists sit while typing will likely wear out. I am saying this based on my experience with the SP keyboards. I have had 3 SP KBs. One was the...
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    Just got the Surface Laptop2

    Hi...just wanted to know what was/ is your battery life experience with the SL2? Today, was/ is my first day in the wild and 2nd day of ownership. Right now it is just past 3.30PM at my end and the battery stands at 34%. I started working from 8.30AM. I have been using 3 Word documents...
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    Just got the Surface Laptop2

    That is a coincidence, ain't it!! Or, maybe not so much:)
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    Surface 3 Battery Burst Screen

    Damn! Thankfully, you were ok though.
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    Just got the Surface Laptop2

    Hi all... New device for me! Just picked up the black version of the Surface laptop 2. Change for me as I have been using the Surface Pro since gen 3 and the RT series prior to that. Back with a laptop after a long time. The keyboard feels quite nice though its a change for sure. The black...
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    My SP6 struggles with the absolute basics...

    You could try resetting the SP6 (painful exercise, IMO, but sometimes the only option). Alternatively, you could try reinstalling the apps (Office/ Outlook in your case - lesser painful option). Also, are you syncing to OneDrive? And, is it a new machine? If yes to both, then it may be indexing/...
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    Battery Life

    Hi All... Considering that my SP4 is having battery issues, I am seriously thinking about picking up the SP6 (i5/ 256) within the next few days or so. I wanted to know what has been your experience with the SP6 battery life. Battery life is important to me as I travel (sometimes) and work...

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