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    Poll buy or not buy now, that's a problem

    I've always been a buy later kind of guy, sometimes waiting for 2nd gen. In practical terms I don't need cutting edge tech to do my job or for my day to day computing so even though I'm excited about the SB and SP4 my SP2 is still working fine. One reason I like to wait beyond the tech specs...
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    Surface Connect

    lol, so has a pen silo in the body.... still waiting :)
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    SP4 Broadband

    I'm in a similar need as OP. Hotspot/tethering is not a very good option for those working in the field as carrying multiple devices can be a nuisance. The battery drain/personal management of keeping the phone charged is something no one wants to deal with. Being away from the car for hours...
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    Muscle Wire - Removing the Screen

    I would go ahead and get a refund on the machine, if you can live without one for a while. Then purchase a new machine when new stock is available. Don't rely on MS to give you a new machine, especially now when they are having difficulty keeping up with demand. MS doesn't have the greatest...
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    m3 teardown

    Well, at least the nightmare of 'screws' is gone.
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    Love everything about surface book, but not the hinge!

    Point taken, however it's not just dust bunnies which concern me. The pen, when it disengages from the magnetic clip while in the sleeve will cause damage to the finish as it moves around. Get another sleeve/pouch for the pen as well? keep it out of the sleeve with the SB and potentially...
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    To those upgrading from SP3 --> SP4, what will you do with your old one?

    Well I plan to upgrade, not so sure which way to go, SP4 or SB, but when I do my SP2 is probably taking a flyer off my balcony right into lake Ontario, or better onto an idiot taking his boat out for a 'sail' in frigid temperatures. Maybe I'll keep Skyrim running on it so if the guy/gal in the...
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    Love everything about surface book, but not the hinge!

    I don't know if the hinge is as bad as the rest, I went from a laptop to SP2 and am still there in my computer/tablet evolution. All I know is while the clamshell is boring, it closes shut. This hinge renders no closed state for the SB and that is very worrisome for me considering the money I'd...
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    Love everything about surface book, but not the hinge!

    Not having played with the SB may make this opinion moot, but my major concern is that darned gap. There is no state (open, closed, reversed) which prevents foreign objects from getting inside. Obviously I wouldn't put this thing in a bag with a hammer or cast iron sheers but I know my...
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    Ok, SP4 got my attention but my wallet just slapped me in the face.

    Ok, SP4 got my attention but my wallet just slapped me in the face.
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    Docking availability

    Now that they are releasing the sp3 there will be no need for it as it cannot accommodate the 12 inch screen. Your best bet is to look on eBay or look for a used one somewhere. I am positive there will be quite a few people selling their sp2 and accessories so they can buy the sp3. Good news is...
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    Rethinking MSFT's Strategy

    I played Gorf and Cosmic Cruncher on my vic 20... but to each their own I suppose :)
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    Screen Protector

    I'm still searching the web for something. Seen some for the iPhone and some for the Nokia 1520, seems to be a real hit and miss with the fitting, however I have yet to hear about it negatively affecting the capacitive screen responsiveness to the gestures or stylus... gotta keep searching I guess.
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    Screen Protector

    anyone tried the tempered glass screen protector? I've seen them out for cell phones, and am looking to see how people feel about them. Maybe they have the same for the surface?
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    Rethinking MSFT's Strategy

    The SP3 is on its way and from what I've seen there is more interest in talking about it within the circle of current surface users than there is on the outside. Now it is early, and the darned things aren't in stores yet, but at this point the lack of excitement is, well, both unsurprising and...

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