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    Battery Life, is this normal?

    I have the identical unit. I get about 5.5 hours of usable battery doing typical office tasks or drawing in Clip Studio. If I'm doing heavy CAD work, or editing video, or playing videos scaled to full screen in Chrome, Firefox, or Plex, while having other things work in the background, I can...
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    Handwriting experience: "keyboard handwriting" vs OneNote

    I've found that, for inking input, you MUST write slower than you are used to if you are a fast writer. You also need to increase your writing by a factor of 2 or so. My tests showed that it had a combined reduction in writing speed of about 30%, and that my effective page width was about 4"...
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    What Do You Do With the Keyboard When Not Using It on an Airplane?

    Wow, that's some seriously small plane/tray. I don't think I've every seen an airline tray that's less than 6" deep front to back (1/2 of overhang f/b of the typecover). When I go into "tent" mode, I flip the keyboard around so that the outside of the cover is resting on the table/tray surface...
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    Running two 4k monitors through SP4 Dock

    Recently I had my SP4 replaced, and as part of my new install I used the Intel beta drivers. I had been running my 4k monitors as one off the SP4 dock and one off the SP4 port. When I connected up to my pair of 4k monitors I decided to see if the Intel HD Control Panel which installs with the...
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    Is a Surface Pro 4 a good solution for my situation?

    Again - sure, it works (OneNote), but you have to use a workaround. iOS just lets you create a notebook (i.e., it Just Works [TM]). As long as Apple users are willing to put up with a workaround for nearly everything tablet-based (and some desktop things), the SP4 is great - far, far better and...
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    Is a Surface Pro 4 a good solution for my situation?

    The problem is not the availability of desktop apps that are great. I use Musescore, and have StaffPad (though I'm convinced I need a dozen hours to get used to it - it doesn't like my handwriting O.o), but most music I get is in PDF form - either scanned or digitally printed. When you have...
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    Is a Surface Pro 4 a good solution for my situation?

    FWIW, the screen is Bright. I usually keep it at 50%. 100% is too bright for me to work on comfortably, 60-65% is about the same brightness as my Wasabi Mango monitors (LG IPS panel). As I said, if you can go in eyes open, and you're okay with the tablet limitations, it's really a...
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    Is a Surface Pro 4 a good solution for my situation?

    More than that - not knowing if your SP4 will turn on is "throw it across the room" frustrating. The software is at such an incomplete stage right now that I have to bring a spare battery or charger everywhere. Also - 4 hours of life, everything above that is bonus. If you're used to iPads and...
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    Is a Surface Pro 4 a good solution for my situation?

    The SP4 will frustrate you to no end. I say this as someone who's house has two android phones, to iPhones, three iPads, a linux server, and 6 Windows machines (laptops, tablets, and desktops). Here's why: The current crop of apps available for Windows tablet mode are very limited in...
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    External Mic via the 3.5 Jack?

    I think that's the solution. It looks like the MS or Realtek doesn't properly parse a TS plug in its TRRS as a microphone. I suspect (though can't confirm) that it may see it as a mono-out. I have an old Tascam iXZ interface for the iPad/iPhone that converts a TRRS jack to worh with an...
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    Scaling Issue In/Out of Dock

    MS does not support connected and disconnecting the dock to monitors with a scale which differs. They recommend logging out and back in when you dock, or powering down, docking, and powering back up. No, this is not ideal, but it is currently the only way Windows works. AFAICT the problem is...
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    SP4 and external monitor

    This sounds like a dock issue, possibly. Is the SP4 expecting to have a hard connection via the ethernet port when docked? (Mine always has the hardline when docked, so - if it's an issue - I haven't noticed it)
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    How is your standby (sleep) battery?

    Just switched back to CS from hibernation. I'm getting 7% drain per hour during sleep, 8.5% drain per hour during sleep if there is an external USB device (like a sound card) connected.
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    What does everyone use their surface or 4 - for?

    Everything. I run a one-man engineering consulting firm, so it's used for engineering analysis and design (AutoCAD, RAM/Elements, numerous small utilities) and mudane reports, image id and markup, PDF reviews during the day. Mine is connected to two 42", 4k monitors so I can work in two D size...
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    Screen doesn't turn on after sleep?

    Hmmm...this isn't really a solution, but if you don't use one of the click-actions on the pen (single click for OneNote, dbl click for screen shot, log click for ...whatever long click does), you could use an app like AutoHotKey to remap it to Win+P. It's a bit of a kludge, but if you are...

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