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    Resetting Surface Pro 4

    oh i forgot one thing: Battery live is still mediocre (3-4 hours), but i'm confident that MS will fix that soon.
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    Resetting Surface Pro 4

    I had a lot of issues with my shiny new SP4 too, display driver crashes, slow write speed, edge crashing constantly and most other things that have been mentioned in this forum. After some annoying troubleshooting sessions i decided to completely wipe everything and start from scratch. I...
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    is anyone else unaffected by battery drain problem & did you manually solve it?

    where can i find the newest battery driver for the sp4?
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    Complete for the 4

    i bought complete for my sp3 online at the surface online service-center. try it
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    Buy at the us store from Europe

    Yes i used a post box and shippment from Oregon (tax free).
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    Buy at the us store from Europe

    go ahead and try i used it to purchase the original SP at release day. it works great. dont forget about the tax and delivery cost. DHL delivery from USA to germany is fast. i remember the delivery of my SP took only about 3 days (from MS store --> shipito --> germany) btw.. i...
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    Official I pre-ordered a Surface Pro 4

    Bought the i5/128 and i7/256 (germany)
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    Who's getting one?

    i'm all over it. will buy the SP4 on release day.
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    I installed the newest build on my SP3. I like it so far. Where can i: - remove / hide the taskbar in tablet mode? - get live tiles working for Plex, Weather App and more - how can i drag and drop multiple tiles on the start menu (tablet mode)? - Can someone help me out?
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    Poll Which internet browser do you use?

    I'm using IE all the way. No need for another one.
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    After unboxing - run all updates ?

    Btw... be sure to install the system firmware update when your battery is fully charged and your Type Cover is connected.
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    What Phone are you pairing with your SP3?

    I'm using a BB Z10

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