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    Solved SP3 continuum when in dock

    I also dock without the keyboard - haven't upgraded to Win10 yet.
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    Lightroom on the SP3

    I am sure you can transfer your Lightroom licenses from the other computers into your SP3 - unless if your other computer is still actively using Lightroom. I started with LR3.x on one of my older laptop, and when I moved to SP3 I upgraded to LR5.6 and deactivated the lic on my old laptop...
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    Going Commando...

    Michael, here You need to select "Tab Body Protector" or the full pack if you want the screen protector too. For screen, I'm using the MIME Ghost Glass instead. Xtreme do sales very frequently so you can...
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    Going Commando...

    Mine is without case too. When needed, I put it in a Waterfield Outback sleeve..... most times, I just put it into my carry-bag (which I used to lug a laptop around - now that bag is so much lighter!) I do put an Xtreme invisible skin on the back. Helps protect from scratches...
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    Solved How much space do I need on a micro sd card to do a backup of my SP3? Micro SD reccomendations?

    Just a general question to those who backup an image copy of their drive C to an external storage (using tools like Macrium or TrueImage); do you prefer to save the image backup (including the bootable recovery media) on a thumbdrive or the microSD card? Or it really doesn't matter and I'm...
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    Mindmanager on SP3

    There's also another tool NovaMind who looks like a strong competitor to Mindjet but hehe still at similar price point. :) NovaMind do have a free Lite version but seems to be very limited in feature set to be of any practical use. NovaMind's licensing is one-off and...
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    Acronis Image backup of Surface Pro 3

    Has anyone here upgraded to the new Acronis TrueImage 2015? Seems to be a dumbdown ver of ATI 2014 (Which is not necessarily a bad thing) but many are reporting critical bugs. I'm still on ATI 2013 and is now hesitant to move up to 2015.
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    Best Music Player

    Pity Amazon Prime Music app not ready for WP yet
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    My first impression of the typing experience

    Cherry switch is not so old-school. It's still very actively used in the gaming keyboard market where those gamers need extreme precision - and feedback - on their keyboard (else millions of their troops could perish haha). If you check out the keyboards for the gaming market, you'll find lots...
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    Which Micro SD card to buy

    +1 to Samsung especially the Pro. I've a Pro 64 GB for my SP3. On my DSLR, I used lots of SanDisk so that's another brand I can heartily recommend. If buying a new SD card, I'll likely pick Samsung moving forward. This article shows why Samsung is picking up very fast...
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    Do you use screen protectors?

    I use MIME's tempered glass and it's perfect iMHO.
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    SP3 Docking Station Security Lock (useless?)

    All docks - even those for Dell laptops - have a security lock but none of them is meant to protect the laptop docked with it. It's meant to protect the dock itself since I think they figure the common use case is for users to take the laptops back home with them but leave the dock in the...
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    Traveling with the SP3, +1

    Oh man, I need to learn how to conserve power as per your use case. I switched off wifi (unless when I need to connect but mostly I used my phone for wifi / internet) and I'm mostly using writing notes on NOTES using the SP Pen. There's no way I'll get 50% batt left at end of day and I start the...
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    How I Pack My Junk

    This is an awesome thread! Going to get me self one of this organizer!
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    Traveling with the SP3, +1

    +1 to SP3 for traveler or just on-the-go. Went to two conferences - one of them a 3-day event - and I found it's so easy to just remove the type keyboard and use the SP3 as a tablet (with the pen) for recording event notes etc and yet when needed, I know I still have a proper laptop in my hands...

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