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    What is an RF Isolator?

    hmm well it has a label on it with RF Isolation Here's a picture of it (attached) It's located on this trim piece: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 1631 Front Facing Web Camera + Antenna X898337-001 Trim | eBay The front part of that trim can be seen on this pic from ifixit's breakdown guide...
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    What is an RF Isolator?

    Thanks for the reply. So without it the (sensitive) components are more likely to get damaged from unwanted radio frequencies? Darn, I was hoping not to have to spend more money on this repair. But maybe ~$210 total for getting this SPro3 back up and running isn't too bad.
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    SP3 new screen

    I replaced the screen on mine just yesterday. I bought new screen off of ebay for $160. It was frustrating but I just ended up just chipping the screen around the perimeter and it comes apart. Just need to watch out at the top because of the trim that contains the front-facing camera and...
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    What is an RF Isolator?

    Hello all. I recently received my brother's old Surface Pro 3 because his screen had become cracked and unusable. He did not want to attempt a replacement so I told him I would take it. Well I bought a new screen from ebay and replaced the screen - The disassembly didn't go so smoothly I ended...

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